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***Texas MidWeek vs Charleston & The Citadel***


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Daly gets a 1 out single

Hodo sends a deep fly ball that is caught at the LF wall; Daly was already around 2B and had to try and get back, but gets doubled off at 1B.

Horns trail 4-7 B6

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I think they will.  A few passing thoughts.


  • The timing of the loss of Witt has created a bit of a mess with regards to the management of relief pitchers.  Effectively your normal mid-week guy, Gordon, has been pushed into the Sunday starting role.  This means you have to have a replacement from the pen come in as a starter.  While prior to Witt's injury, the numerous arms in the pen were able to be spread out and used in spot duty, now Coach Allen needs to move some pieces around. 
  • Adding to the above, the last two weeks have had not one, but two mid-week games, creating yet another challenge for filling voids. 
  • Dre is still coming off of a year in recovery.  He's not quite back to his old self yet.
  • Messinger, Daly and Campbell are all hitting under .200.  This cannot continue.  While it's likely they will turn things around, they need to do this sooner rather than later.  You cannot have a 3rd of your lineup under the Mendoza line.
  • LOB/RISP.  This also needs to be corrected.  Just today they left bases loaded with less than 2 outs.  Twice. 
  • Strikeouts: The team currently has almost as many Ks (160) as Hits (168).  This is not the direction things should be going.  In their 5 Ls, the K total is 14, 12, 6, 15, 12.  Woof. 
  • There are now 10 days and 5 games before the start of conference play in Lubbock.  Texas has games at 10-5 The Citadel (tomorrow,) then a 4-game home stand against 8-5 Incarnate Word (FR-SU 3 games) and 5-10 Central Arkansas (1 Tuesday).  These 'should' provide a nice opportunity to clean up some things. 


While it's not time to panic, it is time to pay attention and look for some improvements over the next week or so.  None of these losses are currently going to be costly.  How the coaching staff, and by extension the team, responds and improves, will tell us a lot about this team. 



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T1: Texas gets a 2-out single from Melendez, walk from Ardoin, but they can't push anything across


B1: 1-out double given up by Stewart, followed by an IF single puts runners on the corners.  2 outs, 3-run homer given up by Stewart.


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