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***Texas Baseball Shriners Classic Discussion/Game Thread***


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Between a starting rotation that is able to go 6 innings and Nixon who can get 6 outs if needed, not a lot of opportunities for other teams to score runs. Not to mention some quality arms in middle relief. 

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Lots of loud outs for Tennessee, credit our defense for being in position and chasing down some hard hit balls but a bit unlucky on their part to not have put up some more runs. 

Our offense didn't look stellar but Pierce's teams just seem to continually apply pressure batters 1-9 and other teams can rarely keep it together for 9 innings. 

That was a good win against a very good opponent. See y'all tomorrow

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13 hours ago, alonghorn72 said:

I wasn't going to say anything but Tennessee has been judged "all world" on playing Iona who is winless and their "ace" has an ERA of 7.71. No doubt Tennessee has talent but they have yet to play a team with a winning record. 

Their stats are definitely inflated at this point (Texas' are too) but there is a reason they came into this weekend as highly ranked as they are. That pitcher we faced last night has some legit MLB stuff and that lineup was solid throughout. This win will be put into better context in a month or so but I'd be surprised if Tennessee isn't top 25 or better all year.

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