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Tailgate - 17th September vs UTSA

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Hi all,

Myself (Australian) and a few mates (English), will be over in Austin for the PreSeason game on 17th September 2022 against UTSA. 

Wondering what the setup is on the day to attend some Tailgate parties. Will be our first time to the Stadium and want to experience all that Austin has to offer for the game.

I know its  a long way off, but keen to start doing some research.

Go horns!

Cheers, Matt

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Just bumping this post, to see if there is anyone that may be able to provide some more insight as to the runnings of the day and how we can get involved in some pre game festivities.

Thanks in advanced

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There will be plenty of tailgating going on and most people are willing to share as long as you wear the right colors. Just walk up and start talking, Texans and Aussies share a lot in common believe it or not.

One place that is a must for y'all to visit is Scholz Garten for some pre and/or post game activities. There will more than likely be a concert either before or after the game just northeast of the stadium. Who will be playing won't be decided until closer to game time. 

BTW, it's "Go Horns!" Capitalize the H  🤘

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Looking at purchasing tickets for the game. Which section would you think would be the best for us? We will need 5 tickets, and happy to spend up to $100 each.

Would love to be as close to the action in the stands as possible. Not sure if there is particular area where more entertainment happens with the bands/crowds etc. Any advice much appreciated.

And am i able to buy direct from https://texaslonghorns.evenue.net/ ? If so when do they get released?

Or do i need to buy from a reseller like stubhub etc?


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