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35 minutes ago, TFloss32 said:

IT had a fun tidbit.

Texas coaches are planning to be in Louisiana on September 1st to watch Acadiana vs. Lafayette Christian.

Decision day for DT Dominick McKinley.

Hmmm, I usually don't read between the lines on things, buuuuuuttttttt.....

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Off topic but…

I just watched Simone Biles perform in the US Championships, after 2 years off. She had “the twisties”, which my daughter explained is a real condition, in which a gymnast becomes disoriented midair.

Biles is unquestioned as the greatest ever.  She literally defies gravity.

Elite gymnasts are truly amazing athletes. Biles came in first all around, again, and she may be better than she has ever been.

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btw, Franklin won Friday night, but my bil said it was UGLY, lots of coaching points available. Four turnovers, over 500 yards of offense to 200+, and they won by 3, I believe.  (I talked to him at a party)

He said it may have been for the best.

PS:  They have won 33 straight & 2 state championships since their last loss.  Coaching points will probably get their attention!

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