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Thoughts and Takeaways: Roschon Johnson carries Texas to victory in season finale


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1 hour ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Maybe not.

We didn't play Kansas Saturday. We played Kansas State, who is better than Kansas.

Pitching a shut out in the 2nd half, stopping two straight 4th and 1 attempts, those are improvements.

Now, if I'm interrupting a feel bad moment, just carry on.


The three new starters had a lot to do with better defense.Also a little more fire in players.

Then that might be progress.

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20 hours ago, tejasrulz said:

Last night on the local (Austin) news, they stated that Casey is going to not throw a football for at least a month to help heal his thumb. As I stated on the game thread, kid was giving it his all and playing hurt cause he knew there was nobody behind him yet that wasn't good enough for some.

1. Casey was the best QB for this team because he’s got a great knack for avoiding a dam break pass rush.  He was a good QB before hurting his thumb.  Afterwards he was below average.

2.  Hudson looked really good in the one game where he had a semblance of pass protection (WVU).   He might be a good QB but without any protection... surprise, he’s not.

3.  It wouldn’t surprise me too much if our starting QB next year is a portal transfer. 

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21 hours ago, UTfish said:


PK's defense seems more like chess than checkers. It's different and harder to understand. Combination of buy-in and understanding are necessary for it to work. 

This is what I really don’t like about it.  Think less, fly to the ball.  Robinson corrected a horrible defense mid season with that formula.  

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2 hours ago, HORNfromETX said:

This! Texas should be able to out athlete most teams, so simplify and let them play.

The problem with this is we won’t our athlete the SEC teams we're about to be playing in conference. At least not at the top of the SEC. So we’re going to need a scheme to stop the offenses. Simplifying because our athletes aren’t coached and aren’t ready to compete will lead to us being 2nd or 3rd division in the SEC every year. Let the coaches install a program and culture and stop thinking quick fix. 

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On 11/27/2021 at 5:55 PM, Sirhornsalot said:

Foster pissed Sark off. The run where their QB, who is not fast, beat our guys 80 yards for a TD? That was Foster you see quitting on the play. Sark mentioned this in his presser.


I pointed out Foster giving up on the last drive against OU and was scolded right here in this forum.  

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