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Directors Cup Thread


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4 hours ago, tejasrulz said:

I don't suspect the baseball team will get any points this year (hope I'm wrong) but if correct, would we still be in the running to repeat?

My initial prediction included 37.5 points from baseball. That becoming a 0 definitely tightens the gap between us and Stanford. Not a deal breaker overall but we can't have too many things break that direction and expect to beat Stanford this year.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some good results so far for the Women's track team at the indoor championships. 

Better than expected finishes in the long jump and pentathalon. Florida will be the biggest competition. Both teams advanced the majority of their top runners to the finals with both having some who were expected to advance not. I'd say advantage from day 1 to neither team and that bodes well for Texas so far.

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28 minutes ago, BWilk55 said:


I expect us to bypass Arkansas this weekend and widen the gap on Stanford a bit. BUT I expect OSU to pass us with some good W swimming and ice hockey this weekend. They also have good wrestling and fencing the following weekend so I think they will continue to hold the edge. 

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Big result for Men's tennis today, taking down #1 TCU in Forth Worth in a non-big 12 matchup. Their two losses have been to TCU and Ohio State and they turned around both times to beat those teams, while the other team was ranked #1. 

This is going to be a team that has a great chance at a National championship later this year.

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1 Ohio State Big 10 785
2 Stanford Pac 12 705
3 North Carolina ACC 637
4 Texas Big 12 635.75
5 Wisconsin Big 10 623.25
6 Penn State Big 10 575
7 Virginia ACC 570
8 NC State ACC 547.5
9 Alabama SEC 543.75
10 Arkansas SEC 517.5


Current top 10. The top teams are gaining on Texas by volume of sports right now. The top 3 all scored points in Fencing for example. Texas will jump into 2nd place after I add in the basketball points and they will gain between 23-50 points on ohio state depending on how their women's basketball team finishes.

We will slide back again after other teams score in gymnastics, bowling and Men's hockey in the next few weeks.

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6 hours ago, Eastexhorn said:

Baseball might be better than we thought.

Ranked #21 today which would equate to a 2 seed in a regional. Being the team that loses in the regional finals means 50 points if it were to play out that way. Would be nice for our director's cup chances.

Stanford has slid down the rankings a bit which helps too, though they still are ranked #7 and an omaha bid still looks likely.

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6 hours ago, Huskie1 said:

Tennis and track should help boost the Horns overall finish. Both men and women have high quality teams in both sports. Plus we kick butt in rowing.

Women's track probably top 3, mens top 5ish. Men's tennis could push for a NC, womens top 8 or better. Both golf teams could have good finishes as well. Softball has been very good as well and of course Rowing will be the NC favorite.

All that to say, lots of good finishes to come. I'll be starting my final finish predictions next week.

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