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Directors Cup Thread


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As some of you are aware, Texas ended a streak of 25 straight Director's Cup victories for Stanford this past year by taking home our first Director's Cup championship. Overall, winning the cup requires high level performances by almost all of Texas's 20 NCAA teams. Stanford, and schools with a large number of competing sports, is at a significant advantage in the Director's Cup as your top 19 finishes can score points (the avg number of teams fielded by Div 1 schools is 19). Stanford has 29 sports teams and many of these are in small sports with a small group of teams competing (beach VB, field hockey, water polo). Texas has been one of the most consistent teams in the Director's Cup with a handful of 2nd place finishes and ranks in the top 5 with 21 top 10 finishes. 

As a way to monitor our overall athletic department success this year, I will track our team finishes and compare them to last season as a sign of progress or regression. I hope these periodic updates are appreciated and help remind everyone that our athletic department is one of the tops in the nation, even when our football team is floundering.



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Sport                          2020/21 Rank      Points      2021/22 Rank   Points       Comments

W Cross Country             UR                   0               UR                  0            Sent 1 runner to NCAAs this year, 0 last year

M Cross Country             UR                   0               14                   48           1 All American runner with 32nd individual finish

W Soccer                         UR                   0                17                  50           Lost round of 32 of NCAA tourney, 2nd in Big 12

Football                            20                   54             UR                   0            No comment needed

Volleyball                          2                     90             Pending                        Current rank #2

W Basketball                    5                      73             Pending                        Current rank #12

M Basketball                    33                    25            Pending                         Current rank #5

W Swimming/Diving         3                     85             Pending                         Current rank #2

M Swimming/Diving          1                    100            Pending                         Current rank #1

W Indoor T&F                    8                     70.5          Pending

M Indoor T&F                    14                   60.75        Pending

Baseball                             3                      83           Pending

W Golf                                5                     72.75       Pending                         Current rank #7

M Golf                                25                   48.5         Pending                         Current rank #5

W Row                                1                     100          Pending

Softball                              9                      64           Pending

W Tennis                            1                      100          Pending

M Tennis                            3                       83          Pending

W Track & Field                 7                      69.75       Pending

M Track & Field                 6                      72.75       Pending



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  • 2021 Texas Football Schedule

    W 38-18
    L 21-40
    W 58-0
    Texas Tech
    W 70-35
    W 32-27
    L 48-55
    Oklahoma State
    L 24-32
    L 24-31
    @Iowa State
    L 7-30
    L 56-57 OT
    @West Virginia
    L 23-31
    Kansas State
    W 22-17

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