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Common Man Prediction Thread – UT vs Rock Chalk Jayhawk


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This is a scary game and I can't believe I just typed that.

Total ineptness was the last we saw of the Longhorn offense. Things will have to change and change fast. Will Thompson's thumb recover enough for him to play? Can Card get it done? Will the OL require state trooper escort from the stadium? lol

This entire board is down right now and rightfully so. Its been a tough, tough four weeks to live through. But Texas gets back in the Win column with a sorta convincing win at home. We'll be glad for the win, but none of us will really feel better about this team.

Texas 34

Kansas 24


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1 hour ago, UTfish said:

This was the young man who was given a second chance after weapons charges were filed against him last year, right?

Yes, Texas stood by his side and helped him throughout the process.  He's not the only one that needs to go, but several will graduate and no longer be a part of this locker room moving forward.

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Looking like Card will be your starter. Thompson's thumb will not be well enough to play, IMO.

During the PC, TE Brewer noted that Thompson couldn't even throw up a Hook'em sign at the beginning of the game.

Personally, I'd like to see what Charles Wright can do. We've seen Card and what he can do.


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10 hours ago, Eastexhorn said:

Hard to be second best WR if he can not make it through season.

I am for Wright togetseveral plays and run full offense.

You are right in that it is hard to call J. Whitt. The 2nd best, but once he went down OU didn't seem as worried about the slot guy either. That whether the thumb is/was an issue team just don't respect other slot guys.  So, either  we see what Harrison, Dixon, Woodard, or see if K. Robinson fills in to make the speed, routes, and catching the passes help offset the stacking of the box. 

I've seen enough of Card to know it won't work. Maybe our best deep passer in Wright should get playing time. Or maybe just go full wishbone on Kansas.

Sucks no Bijan for the game. 

Texas still get a few things righted in this game 38

Lonely Kansas waiting on Basketball( oh wait it's here): 17

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