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Quick Thoughts and Takeaways: For the third straight game, Texas is unable to hold a second half lead


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CT is a lot like Sam E. , he can hit a receiver on a curl or a comeback route but I dont think hitting a receiver in space or throwing to a spot that receiver will break to is in his skill set yet...some QB's can do it, some never learn, the ones that flourished at Alabama learned to hit the receivers in stride and let them turn it into huge plays

CT makes some great plays and then at times it makes me SMH and think WTH Casey, (case in point the throw he missed to XW when he was wide open on a busted coverage), dont know if he got nervous or rushed it but you have to make that throw to play big boy CFB, CT is a good QB, he can be a gamer, but is he gonna take this team to the promised land ? the jury is still out on that one

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2 hours ago, dallaslonghorn said:

There has to be something going on gameplan-wise, it can't all be just the players not knowing how to win. It seems like the opposing coaches start making adjustments to take advantage of what they are seeing, and we don't. Some of these has to fall on the coaching

It's not game plan. Sark attempts to utilize his weapons. Trouble is, defenses know we aren't that great at WR so they load the box to stop the serious weapon (Bijan) and dare us to beat them in the air.

Then they'll double X and make us throw to one of the rest. Initially in the game we were beating this strategy hence all the passes to Josh Moore early and Washington later in the game.

So they exploit our weakness by making us turn to that weakness.

You can't game plan around that without getting exposed at some point. You simply need more weapons and an OL that can block.


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25 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Its not all about rankings. You can get four 5-star WRs each year and have your ranking in the top 5 every year. But you're not recruiting your needs like that and your team won't be very good.


Please remember this post come December!

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27 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Its something I watch for every year.

Would I like more OL in this class? God yeah. But there's only two candidates that we have on our board who I'd care to have. We can't keep taking the 3-star projects.

There are 5 OL 4 or 5 stars that have been offered and have visited.

I would takke any are all ll

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1 hour ago, Eastexhorn said:

There are 5 OL 4 or 5 stars that have been offered and have visited.

I would takke any are all ll

Me too.

Not all of those five stars have interest in Texas. 

I'd love to have Kam Dewberry join this class and he's not even a 5-star. The kid from Cali and the kid from Arlington are the two I think we have a shot at.

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13 hours ago, Johnny Depp said:

MBHorns posted this in the recruiting thread. I'm not sure how much better recruiting could go for us than this. We should be winning NOW.


The above is the Blue Chip ration based on players that signed with those teams. Here's what the Top 10 Blue Chip ratio looks like if you go by what is actually on the current roster.

1.  Alabama     87.0%

2.  Georgia      77.6%

3.  Ohio State  76.4%

4.  Florida        65.8%

5.  LSU             65.3%

6.  Oklahoma   62.6%

7.  Texas           61.1% 

8.  Clemson      60.9%

9.  Auburn        56.7%

10. Oregon       56.4%

10. Texas A&M 56.4%


Stay tuned and I will show you the numbers for the Big 12. You guys are really going to love it seeing what that looks like 😉

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Blue Chip ratio for Big 12 teams based on players currently on roster.

1. Oklahoma  62.6%

2. Texas         61.1%

3. TCU           20.5%

4. Baylor        14.8%

5. Tex. Tech    8.1%     

5. West. Virg.  8.1%

7. Okla. St.      7.0%

8 Iowa St.       4.7%

9.Kansas St.   2.6%

10. Kansas      1.3%    


Here's some additional context. 

Texas and Oklahoma both have 52 Blue Chip players on their rosters. The rest of the Big 12 combined have 51. Next after Texas and OU are TCU with 16 and Baylor with 12. 

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Considering the issues we're having on the line and lack of depth at WR, why not try to move Bijan around like the Saints do with Kamara? Line him up on the outside or in the slot a couple of plays. Give the defense a different look and maybe get Bijan some touches with a little more open space. Also, this would create more opportunity to get Roschon and Keilan on the field with him at the same time. If you move him around like that, it maybe creates a little more havoc for the opposing defense.

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