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View from the Cheap Seats-Cockroaches


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View from the Cheap Seats-Horny Toads


(or as DKR said. . . Cockroaches)







Thank the good lord for BiJan Robinson. TEXAS/Sark put the game on his back and he delivered with a career day as TEXAS narrowly escapes Ft Worth with a much needed win. TCU is 2nd only to OU as TEXAS’ biggest bugaboo in the BigXII, the frogs enjoying a 7-2 record over the Horns over the last decade. This was not the same TEXAS team we saw vs a couple of tomato cans. In some ways, this was exactly the game TEXAS needed heading into the Red River War. Classic trap game, on the road with the biggest game of the season the following week against an opponent that can lose every other game of the season but if they beat us, their season a success. And TEXAS (outside of BiJan) played almost as poorly as they did vs the Pigs. Dropped passes, poor execution and penalties not to mention our worst red zone performance of the year turned what should have been a blown out into a nail biter. Having said that and given the struggles we have had against the Frogs, we’ll take the win, ugly as it was.


Thank you Stan Drayton for your work recruiting BiJan. Young man was absolutely amazing producing in his heaviest workload day of his career. 35 carries for 216 yards and 2 TDs to go with 2 receptions. BEAST MODE He is leading the nation in forcing missed tackles too. He is simply an amazing back and we suspect by the end of the year, the debate becomes is he or Jammal Charles our #3 RB of all time. With apologies to former players like Ernie Koy and Chris Gilbert.


Hopefully this is a game where Sark can grow as a coach. We have been spoiled for 2 weeks seeing a gameplan where all the weapons are used, we’re used to seeing not only a high octane offense but a creative one as well. This we did not see vs the Frogs. We saw what might have been the most vanilla game plan of the year this side of Fayetteville. Not sure we ever saw Casey asked to roll out to stress their front and their front is very good. We saw one pass route utilizing our TEs and little use of mis direction. Though the jet sweep to K Robinson was excellent. So good we never ran it again. Maybe we’re saving something for OU but against 2 good defenses this year, we have not seen the best Sark has to offer.


Speaking of people who will grow from this, we have no doubt some of the naysayers are calling for Casey Thompson’s head. That would be a very bad move. Casey had easily his worst day but he lead TEXAS to a tough win on the road. Granted, helps when you line up with BiJan beside you. He also had at least 4 drops and 2 (maybe more) of those on 3rd down which would have kept drives alive.


TEXAS enjoyed 6 trips to the red zone. The good news, 5-6 scoring. The bad news 4 scores were FGs, one trip saw us stuffed on 4th and 1, which would lead to a TCU 99 yard drive and a TD. Had no problem with Sark going for it on 4th down to go from a 12 to a 19 point (2 scores vs 3) lead. But with TCU stacked to stop BiJan, we slammed him into the line twice. Later in the day Bama would go for it on 4th and 1 from the 1. They faked a run left, rolled their QB right behind play action and completed an easy TD to their pass catcher.


Getting stuffed at the 1 with a 32-20 lead should not have been the worst thing in the world. Except TEXAS’ D would give up all 99 yards to see TCU pull within 5 points. Oddly, TCU took their sweet time on the drive and ate up a bunch of the clock. TCU then kicked deep counting on their D to stop TEXAS. Not today Gary, Sark put the ball in BiJan’s hands 6 straight times gaining 33 of his 216 yards none more important than his last carry gaining 6 on a 3rd and 6 to allow TEXAS to go into victory formation for the final 3 plays.


While it may not sound like it, a win on the road is a win and TCU has been a major thorn in Bevo’s side. We had multiple chances to put a fork in the Frogs. We left points on the field settling for FGs. This team should never have to lean on one RB for 35 carries, even as good as BR is. Having said that, this team needed to face adversity and this they did today. Casey threw what at first looked like an ugly INT into triple coverage. Upon further review, Worthy was held (rather obviously) or he’s most likely running open. Refs missed that call, it was a game of some questionable calls but Casey bounced back from his 2nd INT of the season to play well, though certainly not great. Our pass catchers struggled at time catching the ball and as stated above, it was a pretty vanilla game plan. We lost Okafor to injury, adjusted the OL on the fly and again, we won. Might have been ugly but we won. This was the type of game TEXAS would have lost over the past 8-10 years.


Offensive Player of the Game

BiJan Robinson. Easiest pick of the year. All he did was carry the team. Herculean performance 35 Carries 216 yards and 2 TDs. Add 2 receptions for another 22 yards. Could not find his yards after contact but at least half would be our guess today.


Defensive Player of the Game

Anthony Cook His sack force fumble of Max Duggin would lead to a field goal and TEXAS 1st 2 score lead of the day.





Stats that Matter

5 of 6 6 Trips into the TCU red zone, 4 field goals and only 1 TD, not good

6-15 TEXAS on 3rd down, 1-5 in the 1st half

9 Penalties on TEXAS for 97 yards. Shades of Mensa

3 Turnovers gained by TEXAS but only turned into 9 points

6.2    BiJan's average yards per carry


On Deck

Simply the biggest game of the year, the Red River War, against the most talented team TEXAS will face. And we’ll say it now, we think this is game one of two vs OU this year. We think the team will grow thanks to the adversity it faced vs TCU. Make no mistake, OU will look to expose our secondary. We’ll need red zone TDs not FGs to win and we’ll need to tackle well and limit yards after the catch. Our too early key to victory. . . .execution. TEXAS brings it’s A game, it will leave on top of the conference.




Fighting Mack Brown’s


UNC really needed a slump buster and they found one in Duke. Tarheel’s high hopes for the season have largely been dashed but Mack continues to recruit well and add talent. They will go bowling and Mack has clearly improved UNC’s performance.


Ranking the BigXII



#1 OU. . . . they played their best game of the year so far vs KSU. They remain on the Top tier of the BigXII but they lack the invincibility they have enjoyed in the past.


The next 3 teams are the 2nd Tier of the BigXII today, you can largely rank them in any order.



#2 OSU Battle of the ranked teams, Cowboys come out on top

#3 TEXAS You can make the case for #2 but with the Red River War on the horizon and #2 the winner of a pair of ranked teams, #3 fits for now

#4 ISU Throttled hapless Kansas


The mid tier of the BigXII, these are teams good enough to upset anyone.


#5 Baylor Dave Aranda is another very good hire for Baylor

#6 KSU Skyler Thompson is back which gives KSU a chance vs the rest of the BigXII

#7 Texas Tech Nice win on the road vs WVU

#8 TCU

#9 WVU    Coulda/shoulda/Woulda

And now alone at the bottom

#10 Kansas


Maybe not so early Playoff projections.


#1 Bama They make it look easy

#2 Georgia Looking forward to the SEC title game but we think at this point, both get in.

#3 B1G champ Even with 1 loss. Top 3 teams play each other then likely face Iowa for the title.

#4 Oklahoma sucks to type, though we think they will have to beat TEXAS twice to get there.


Wild cards


Cincinnati beat previously unbeaten ND, could this be the year for Group of 5?

Oregon is most likely done. Same for ND This was “separation weekend” as the race just got a good deal clearer on the 1st weekend in Oct.


And a final note, the Pirate headed into Kyle Field and downs the Aggies yet again. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch. Nor will it be ACES last loss of the season. Wonder if the Aggies are still talking playoffs.



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Amazing that a GPatterson defense knew we would run and couldn't stop it.  The inability to throw deep can simplify defensive scheming.  Hope Okafor is ok.  Our depth on the line is shallow.  Very interesting that Patterson said Evans was tired and couldn't run more--sounded like covid effects.  Regardless, we have the better RB

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30 minutes ago, tejasrulz said:

Good read. Minor correction, Casey threw an INT not a pick 6. If he had, our resident hater would be all over that like white on rice.

After he read that I bet he went back to make sure he didn’t miss anything. 

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18 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

I wonder what it feels like to hear your head coach say you were "tired" after 15 carries and have to look across the field at a guy who had 35 carries and twice your yardage.


reminds me of the story attributed to the late John McKay when asked about OJ carrying the ball so much to which he responded "....the ball isn't heavy...."

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1 hour ago, Sirhornsalot said:

I wonder what it feels like to hear your head coach say you were "tired" after 15 carries and have to look across the field at a guy who had 35 carries and twice your yardage.


I recorded the game and I noticed during the game that Evans took himself out several times and would kneel on the sidelines. So I wonder if he wasn't feeling all that great? Makes you wonder.

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I hope everyone realizes how special Robinson is and appreciates what he is doing. He is a special special talent and by all reports a great young man. 
Great write up as usual.

I definitely feel this was a game the 2 previous regimes would have found a way to lose. I think there will still be ups and downs with this team but it’s nice to win a game “ugly”. Just hope it’s not every week. 
ou sucks. 

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