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View from the Cheap Seats-Texas Tech


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View from the Cheap Seats-Texas Tech


Chancellor Spurs Game


Starting in 1996, the two teams began competing for the “Chancellor Spurs” trophy, a very nice looking pair of engraved spurs held by the winning team.   The teams began play against each other in 1928 but it was not until 1960 when Tech joined the Southwest conference, the teams played every year.   With this win, TEXAS takes an overall 52-17 overall lead in the “rivalry”.    For the record, Tech is the only team from the Orphan 8 the Cheap Seats cares if we play on a regular or even semi-regular basis.   There are rumors of this being made official but so far, we have not seen any details.


So what does Coach Sark do to open BigXII play?   Matched the most points TEXAS has ever scored vs a BigXII opponent.    Was in attendance at the last 70 point game, Vince and the National Title winning Longhorns simply destroyed Colo in the 2005 BigXII title game.   Did we mention, we are a big fan of club level seats?.    It’s hard to believe some pundits were claiming that Tech should win the game or that TEXAS did not match up well vs the Red Raiders.    Clearly was not the case as TEXAS’ much maligned offensive line simply DOMINATED the vaunted TT front 7.   Outside of 1 sack in the 2nd quarter, Casey had time to throw and the multi headed RB group had room to run.    Coach Sark mentioned that being able to run the ball was a key to victory.   Did he ever call that one.   And it was a GREAT game plan as Tech’s defense was off balance all afternoon.   Worth mentioning that Sark’s use of different personnel groups and motion has paid big dividends for the Horns this year.   We frequently saw 2 TE sets.

What a stable of running backs Sark enjoys.   Let’s start with BiJan who keeps this pace up the rest of the season and he’s traveling to NYC for the Heisman presentation as a finalist.     6.7 ypc on 18 carries (137 yards), 54 more on 2 receptions.    We believe his optimal work load is 18-22 touches vs the weaker teams on the schedule  RoShon “Mr Do it all/Mr Anything for the Team” Johnson clocked in at 4.9 ypc on 13 attempts  and added 2 hard earned Touchdowns.   Keilan Robinson once again showed off his speed in the 4th quarter, 4 carries, 10+ ypc with a TD, cannot wait to see the Robinson/Robinson back field.   Not to be forgotten, true freshman Jonathan Brooks with 7 carries for 48 yards, 6.7 ypc.

Casey Thompson had a great performance in his 2nd start.   303 yards passing, 5 Touchdowns and added a rushing touch down.   So far he has lead TEXAS on 23 drives netting 20 TDs and a FG in the 2021 season.   The Cheap Seats said last year that Casey needed to be the starter.   Now we fully admit, he doesn’t change the outcome of the Pigs game but we believed from last season he was more ready to start and lead TEXAS than Hudson.   TEXAS 1st Native American (Kiowa Tribe) QB is locking down the QB1 spot.    At least through 2 games vs a tomato can and a team that came in just a bit overhyped.   Perhaps the best sign of his maturity came after he threw an UGLY INT which cost Dicker a chance to be the kicker.   

The game also marked the debut of QB3, Charles Wright, the QB/Longhorn player with the greatest name in TEXAS football history.   We would be remiss if we did not note this important event.

Special teams were the length of a helmet from earning a helmet sticker, Keilan Robinson went for blocked punts in back to back games.     This would have been a scoop and score for a 21-0 lead but he was in the neutral zone by the length of his head gear.   Instead he gave Tech a 4th and 2, they went for it, made it which lead to their 1st score of the 1st half.   D Jamison with another GREAT punt return to give TEXAS a short field score.

Our defense played a very impressive 1st half but seemed to lose it’s mental edge in the 2nd.      1st half we won 42-14 but we would only win the 2nd half 28-21.   With Sonny Cumbie calling plays, Tech can score some points.   In fact the worst 1st half play for the Horns was when TT’s highly rated, transfer from Oregon starting QB Taylor Shroud would injure his own shoulder diving into the end zone.   Back up (and 4 time starter in 2020) Henri Colombi came in and began to light up the Horn secondary throwing for 324 yards, 3 TDs but an INT (that was 100% on his WR who he hit in the hands).  Tech would pass for just under 400 yards (392).   We have no doubt our opponents will review that tape.


Offensive player of the game

Coach Flood and his Offensive Line with BY FAR their most dominating performance of the young season after opening with much maligned first 3 games.   The negative press was earned but their performance today was impressive.   Remains to be seen if Tech D is as good as they were hyped.

Honorable Mention:   BiJan Robinson continues to impress and dazzle.  18 carries for 137 yards and 2 Receptions where he added a TD.   

Defensive Player of the game


Josh Thompson for his pick 6 return


On Deck and coaching challenge of the week.


So far Coach Sark has had the team ready for a well-coached La La team to open the season.   He would flubb badly vs the Pigs but made the very tough call to change QB1 to Casey who has rewarded him by leading the offense in back-to-back dominate performances.   Clearly Coach Sark took a bad loss and did not allow it to become 2.   

This week’s coaching challenge are two fold.    First he must now manage the “success” of two BIG wins, even if neither vs a quality opponent.    And second, he faces the 2nd biggest Longhorn nemesis in the BigXII.    TCU and it’s well coached squad lead by Gary “Mr Defense” Patterson and an offense lead by one of the top QBs in the conference.   And he must do this on the road for only the 2nd times this season.     Would not put much stock in TCU’s loss to SMU, this game will be the biggest on the Frog schedule.   Coach Sark must also keep the Horns focused on this week’s opponent with the BIGGEST game of the year, the Red River War “in the hole”.   This game screams “trap”, on the road, coming off a  big, head swelling TEXAS victory and the Frogs coming off a loss.  Oh yeah, will TEXAS be peaking forward to the Red River War?.   And it’s about to get real.    TCU, OU and Okie Lite are up before a bye week.   The easy part of the schedule is over.


Stats that Matter


·       9 of 11    11 offensive drives for the Horns.  9 Touchdowns, 1 INT and one “run the clock out” drive at the end of the game

·       6 of 6   Red zone success offense with 6 TDs.   The INT came from the 23.

·       10 of 14    TEXAS on 3rd down

·       5 of 13    TT on 3rd down.   Though they would convert 3 of 5 on 4th down

·       336/303     Yards rushing/Yards passing    Pretty balanced attacked

·       1     Number of negative plays prior to the “run out the clock” drive

·       0     Number of punts by TEXAS

·       6    Drives of 9 plays or more by TEXAS, TT’s D was DRAGGING

·       10    Cheap Seats had TEXAS over TT for 10 points in the ESPN confidence ESPN Pick’em Poll.  All Gas No Brakes.   Bad news, had ISU for 9 over Baylor  UGH.


Fighting Mack Brown’s


Ugly loss on the road to Atlanta.   What coulda/shoulda/woulda been UNC’s year to take a shot at the title.  . . .is slipping away into a “they’ll be lucky to go bowling/finish the year ranked”


Pigs pull off the Texas 3 step


Beat Rice,beat us and beat Aggie.    We were assured Arkie was “meh” and that Aggie was a playoff contender.     Clearly not the case, Pigs are 4-0 after winning their SEC opener and most likely go bowling this year.   Aggie?    ACES.    Figure this is a 4 loss Aggie team.   Can only help the Longhorns with recruiting.   BTW, Cheap Seats had Pigs over ACES, though only for 3




Ranking the BigXII-Separation week.   Most teams faced conference opponents this week and we should start knowing more about who ranks where.


#1  Oklahoma    eecked out the win vs WVU.   They have not looked great all year. 

 #2   TEXAS on the strength of a big win but we won’t know much until the end of the next 3 weeks.

 #3   Okie Lite. . . nice win over ranked KSU

 #4    WVU   Coulda/shoulda/woulda beat OU.  Why they are running a two QB system is a mystery and cost them dearly

 #5   Baylor   Pulled off the upset of ISU at home.    We went the wrong way in College Pick’em and lost 9 points

 #6   ISU   They have not been impressive this year.   Too much cheese eating in the offseason?   Will Campbell regret not taking an NFL offer that would have set him up financially for life?

 #7   KSU   Dropping out of Top 25 ranking after this loss.   They are really hurting without Skyler Thompson

 #8   TCU   Really?   You lost to SMU?

 #9  TT    You learn nothing playing weak teams.

 #10   Kansas, blown out by Duke.   Better luck come basketball season



Way too early playoff projections


#1  Bama    a scare vs Florida but #1 continues to roll.

 #2  Norte Dame    Big win over Whiskey, Brian Kelly becomes all time winningest coach at ND

 #3  B1G winner    tOSU?   Pedophile State?  Michigan?  Frankly Iowa needs a bit of love, we see a 1 loss B1G getting in

 #4   Oregon


Above assumes all go unbeaten, upsets make things REALLY interesting


Just a bit outside


OU   They have looked beatable, can they run the table?   wouldn't bet on it.

 Georgia   They have a shot if they make the SEC title game unbeaten and lose to Bama.   Same for Bama if they lose that game to Georgia

 BYU    They would need to run the table though not sure how strong their SOS would be.



PS, posted this last night but did not realize I wasn't signed in.   Silly me



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