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Conference Realignment Discussion


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3 hours ago, texbound said:

Sounds to me like Billy is trying his best to do a little damage control.  If they're "embracing" this, then why have an emergency BOR meeting on monday?

A&M AD already walking it all back, and admitting they were left out of the loop.

Now saying "we're ready."

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18 minutes ago, Edwards8932 said:

I remember back in the 80s when there was talk of Texas and ou going to the $ec. I also remember hearing that when aggy went to the $ec, the $ec really wanted Texas but settled for aggy.

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IT had an update this afternoon on where things stand...

- they feel Texas and OU will officially announce their intentions to leave the Big XII on Tuesday.

- most anyone they speak to feels 2021 will be the last season for both teams in the Big XII.

- from sources on the OU side of things, they're hearing the costs of the move for both schools "won't be terribly expensive."

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3 hours ago, RickyFlair said:

I heard the LHN was going to continue but under a different broadcast partner. Roughly the same available viewership. 

I think Florida has their own network, or did. 

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49 minutes ago, TFloss32 said:


If Texas and OU got on a call with other conference members and said, “We don’t plan on extending our Grant of Rights”, what difference does it make when Texas/OU began talking to the SEC?

I am fairly certain most of us recall the stunts Baylor pulled when A&M left. Of course, A&M was dishonest about leaving. They tucked their tail between their legs and ran off like a stray.

Texas/OU showed everyone why they are the class of the conference and announced, but there is no need to divulge every detail of every conversation.

Hook ‘em!

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