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Conference Realignment Discussion


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2 hours ago, MBHORNSFAN said:

Kansas is already talking to Big 10..


Big 12 is dead. 

Gosh these other conferences have to be pissed. The strongest (SEC) gets stronger, and the Big 10 (2nd best) is left with Kansas and maybe Iowa St? Ew.

I guess adding Tech and Okie Lite may help the Pac-12 expand east but I don't know if those conferences really gain much from any of these additions.

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3 hours ago, Eastexhorn said:

Move is coming like it or not. Which I do not.

Somehow I can not see it helping Texas. Did it help Arkie or Missouri. Nothing could help the Aggies. Time will tell for you guys hope youall enjoy it.

Like it or not it was necessary. NIL rule is huge. The value of the exposure and sponsorships the players will get are multiplied by 2 when you play in front of 100k fans as opposed to half empty stadiums in Kansas. And the number of eyeballs on the tube are multiplied as well. 

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5 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

I think its funny that aggy got left out of the conference loop on this one. They literally worked behind aggy's back to get this done.

What an incredible insult. lol

I had a feeling something was up because that was quite the A&M reactionary move by Bjork and Sharp to throw a fit in the middle of the SEC Media Days.

I wonder if they will now vote "yes" in order to make up for it and save face.

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2 minutes ago, TexExSpur said:

It will be 2022.  Texas has sovereign immunity, they’ll negotiate and exit or the conference will dissolve.

Can't disagree. 

I am leaning much harder towards 2022 than I was yesterday.

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