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Conference Realignment Discussion

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21 minutes ago, TFloss32 said:


Translation of the above lines

- We need Texas and OU, but they don't need us

- Texas and OU are already gone!  We would like to stay a conference if possible

- I know some of you might want to do what UT and OU are doing now, but none of you are UT and OU. (See first bullet point above)

- We, the B12, are so screwed with all these changes, but we would like to try something.

This reminds of the Flint Tropics and the rest of ABA teams from Semi-Pro.  No matter what they do, they can't come along.

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The Big12 statement seemed silly. Each school is exploring all of there options so there really wasn't anything for them to say. My guess is that some of the teams will be absorbed by other conferences at which point the big12 will collapse.

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11 hours ago, 605Longhorn said:

I know it wont happen but....  If a&m has such a bad childish temper tantrum that the SEC tells them to leave the SEC!!!!!  They can leave and go back to the Big 12 then.

I don't think you'll see much loyalty to aggy from SEC members. They look at aggy administrators much like the weird uncle in the room. 

If Texas and OU aren't admitted to the SEC, it won't be because of the hissy fit aggy throws.


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43 minutes ago, TFloss32 said:


IT had mentioned earlier in the week that it's probably a safe bet Sark knew all of this was coming down the pipe when he was hired.


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On the potential timeline of moving to the SEC, Burton from IT mentioned any talk of Texas and OU staying in the Big XII through 2025 is purely a smokescreen.

It is his understanding that it takes a simple majority to dissolve the Big XII conference, but even if that's not the case, teams like Baylor and Tech will want to move on as quickly as possible once they find a new home.

Nobody will want this current format to last any longer than it has to.

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