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Conference Realignment Discussion

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39 minutes ago, J.B. TexasEx said:

How is the AAC gonna poach current Big 12 members when they're making significantly more TV money? AAC members only get $7MM per year, right? Big 12 paid out $37MM each for 2020. Current members would be better off riding out existing GOR unless another P5 offers.


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18 minutes ago, RickyFlair said:

My bad I’m dyslexic and I didn’t know the AAC was a real thing

Honest mistake.

I don't know what the AAC teams earn annually on their TV contract, though. I read $7MM on another message board. That's what makes Bowlsby's claim dubious. I mean, how?

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2 hours ago, java said:

That cease and desist letter sounds like the rest of the Big 12 doesn’t want ESPN airing their games.

Guess no Gameday in Waco, Lubbock, Ft. Worth, Ames, Lawrence, Stillwater, Manhattan, or whoever I’m forgetting is. 

Man, they have really got to put their big boy pants on. This is silly. These are grown men and women for goodness sakes. 

Didn’t one of them have a plan of action for the day when Texas would no longer be carrying them.  We have done it, to our detriment, for over 50 years.  They should say thank you and move on.

Well, if one more member exits the conference, its probably over. But I think there are multiple teams talking to other conferences right now.

If they bolt, then the Big 12 is over and all financial obligations connected to it are done.

They're saying ESPN is trying to help this happen so that it saves ESPN a ton of money on LHN and other endeavors, as well as the opportunities to make a mint going forward.

ESPN, Texas, and OU will pay whatever, if needed, to get this over with.

This season should be the last Big 12 season, ever.


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