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Basketball News/Recruiting Thread

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34 minutes ago, TXFF said:

As the top remaining seed, they should be favored to win it all. One game at a time, though.

This season they’ve beaten K State, Gonzaga & Creighton.  They are very capable of winning three more games but as you said, one game at a time.

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The first big recruiting job for RT will be getting Disu to stay another year. He's not NBA ready, but he may not know that. Lets hope we can keep him. Dude was really starting to develop.

In other news, we are very interested in the below player (portal) from Rice. He's ours if we offer. Kid lit us up when we played them.


Look for Texas to watch for Seth Lundy to enter the portal. We are interested.




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2 hours ago, Baron said:

I think a lot of the weasels at sports websites that trashed Del Conte owe him an apology. Especially DICK Vitale. This agreement had to be in place already.

It was agreed to and postponed by RT because he felt the players thought they were playing for his job.

Agree that Vitale should apologize. That was pretty unfair to CDC.


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3 hours ago, Billybass said:

Still wondering what might have happened without injuries to Disu and Carr. 
coulda, shoulda, woulda but not the same team without those guys

Disu was the big injury. Hunter and Rice could have covered for Carr.

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