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Basketball News/Recruiting Thread

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This team has excellent defense and can now score all over the court.  Disu looks like a completely different player.

Watching this game, does anyone get a sense that Texas may be moving into another golden era of sports?  Basketball is coming on and getting the players, football is building something special and baseball is already at an elite level.  Women's sports is also there with volleyball, soccer, bball and softball.

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2 hours ago, tejasrulz said:

Galindo can yap, no doubt about it but I thought the announcers last night sounded like a couple of guys doing a high school game.

That's better than Galindo.  He knows next to nothing about sports.  Let's just say if he know something about sports, he doesn't know how to communicate that knowledge.  And he does all that talking with an annoying voice.    

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42 minutes ago, longhorn_mig said:

Solid performance last night. There was definitely an offensive lull in the second half, but that happens when you start clearing the bench.

I feel really good about this and future basketball teams.  CDC has done wonders for this athletic program in his relatively short tenure.  

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