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Johnny Football shows up at Frat Party in Austin


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Johnny Manziel may have been kicked out of one Texas frat party this weekend, but he had more luck at another.


A few Twitter users photographed Manziel at the Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) Island party at Texas on Saturday, which apparently is a major rager at the school. The best part about it? Manziel was wearing a Tim Tebow New York Jets jersey. Who knew he was such a fan



The dude so wants to be anything but an Aggie. Maybe when he leaves, he can do recruiting for UT?:cool:

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And Mack better get his shit together FAST. He clings to Vince Young like he is married to him. I love me some VY too but that was 8 years ago, Mack. WIN, WIN, WIN. Sorry for the rag, dudes - I keep seeing Mack loving all over his previous players and it's great and nostalgic, but I haven't seen him love on any of the recently.

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Jeezus if Mack had only got this one right.... Kid can't stay away from Austin, he says bad shit about TAMU.... Manziel's all aggie but he wants to be a Horn.


All that and now his daddy is rumored to have been blocked at Aggie.com


He can log in to my proposed site: Texas_ATM_blows_Bevo.Com


Should be up and running any day now..:cool:

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Tragic to watch all this unfold. I saw where his dad says he won't play golf with him anymore because he doesn't want Johnny's temper to come out.


Can you blame the kid for wanting to have a good time? I saw this quote from an article I read about his parents and how they are dealing with this:


"His mother remembers the moment she first understood that the change was affecting her son. After the shocking Alabama win, the one that earned Johnny the Heisman, a crowd gathered near the Texas A&M bus, pushing forward, crushed together, trying to see the star emerging from the locker room. Michelle watched as state troopers battled their way through the crowd with him. She saw the look in his eyes, one she’d never seen on a football field: panic and fear."


And it doesn't look like TAMU is ready to wrangle him in from a quote from his dad:


...he still needs love. He still needs guidance. He still needs to see he’s wrong — and how to control his temper. And if I give up on him, who’s gonna take over? The school sure the hell isn’t gonna do it.”


He's just a kid. Hopefully he gets his act together because stuff like this can do a number on a kid's psyche.

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