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#AllGasNoBrakes: Trevell Johnson chooses Texas

Tristan Larsen

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Today the Texas Longhorns earned the commitment of another 2022 prospect in Arlington Martin interior linebacker Trevell Johnson.

Johnson is the second Martin linebacker to join the Texas program in the past two years. Last year, Texas earned the commitment of four-star Martin linebacker, Morice Blackwell. Now, they add his teammate.

Johnson is a three-star prospect via the 247Sports Composite. He’s the 21st ranked inside linebacker in his class in the nation, and the 65th ranked player overall in the state of Texas.

In his high school career , Johnson thus far has recorded 208 tackles in two years as a starter. He also has 26 tackles for a loss, five sacks, and four forced fumbles. In 2020, he was his district’s Special Teams MVP.

Johnson has earned offers from Baylor, LSU, Oklahoma State, Texas, and Texas Tech among others.

Player Information 

Name: Trevell Johnson
Position: Inside Linebacker
City, State: Arlington, TX
High School: Martin


Height: 6’1
Weight: 200  


Three Best Traits

Ballhawk - Johnson is a magnet to the ball. Whether he’s on special teams or defense, beware that Johnson is coming for you. Whenever a recevier catches a ball over the middle, he’s going to be met by Johnson every time.

Great production - From a production and statistical standpoint, you can’t get much better than what Johnson has done on the field. In 2019, he recorded 99 tackles, 12 for a loss, with one sack. In 2020, he improved on everything. In one fewer game, he had more tackles, more tackles for a loss, and more sacks than what he had in 2019. Expect massive numbers from Johnson in his senior year.

Special teams monster - Johnson was the special teams MVP in his district for a reason. He makes every return man pay for thinking about returning the ball for better field position. Whether on kick returns or punt returns, Johnson is meeting the returner for a minimal gain. His ability to play special teams makes him a unique prospect.

Areas for Improvement

Frame - Of the 20 interior linebackers ranked higher than him, only two weigh less than Johnson. If he can keep his same speed while also putting on another 15 pounds of muscle, that would be ideal. His frame is suitable for the high school game but he needs to fill it out a bit more before he takes the field in Austin.

Pass coverage - Johnson is one of the more polished three-star prospects I’ve seen the film on. If he’s lacking in any area it’s pass-coverage. Some of the better middle linebackers in today’s game can cover the pass extremely well, making life difficult for tight ends or wide receivers coming over the middle. Johnson is solid in this area, but it’s something he can work on.


Don’t let the three-stars deter you, Johnson is an incredible athlete. There’s not much wrong with his game and he can do almost everything asked of him. He’s a ballhawk of a middle linebacker who has great anticipation and awareness on defense and on special teams. He’s a true leader as a middle linebacker and will immediately make the Texas defense better once he takes the field.

Final Verdict

Johnson is an solid get by the Texas staff and he will be a player who is a force to be reckoned with on the field when his time comes. He joins Jaylon Guilbeau as the second defensive commit for the class of 2022. The Martin pipeline is strong as this is the second elite prospect the Longhorns have earned commitments from in the past few years. Johnson is a truly skilled linebacker and even better punisher who will be a leader in the Texas defense.

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