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Summation of roster numbers today


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I'm going to post my response to a part of the War Room.    The breakdown was the scholarship players by position group.    Then below I added some commentary (ie  WAY to many LBs).   This is more the discussion I am interested in having.  Thoughts on the numbers, strengths and weaknesses by position group.


  Some interesting takeaways:

  • From the Alamo Bowl, we return 21 of 22 starters.
  • Only 12 of 81 Juniors or Seniors
  • Room for 4 more ships  BEFORE we lose anyone else


[QUOTE="Ketchum, post: 15258896, member: 20"]

Quarterbacks (3)


Casey Thompson, So.

Hudson Card, Fr.

Charles Wright, QB, incoming freshman


Running Backs (4)


Gabriel Watson, Super Senior

Daniel Young, Senior

Roschon Johnson, So.

Bijan Robinson, Fr.

Jonathon Brooks, RB, incoming freshman


Wide Receivers (13)

Brenden Schooler, Super Senior

Joshua Moore, R-So.

Kai Money, So.

Jake Smith, So.

Marcus Washington, So.

Al’Vonte Woodard, So.

Kennedy Lewis, R-Fr.

Jordan Whittington, R-Fr.

Kelvontay Dixon, Fr.

Dajon Harrison, Fr.

Troy Omeire, Fr.

Jaden Alexis, WR, incoming freshman

Casey Cain, WR, incoming freshman

Keithron Lee, WR, incoming freshman


Tight Ends (5)


Cade Brewer, Super Senior

Malcolm Epps, So.

Jared Wiley, So.

Brayeden Liebrock, R-Fr.

Juan Davis, TE, incoming freshman

Gunnar Helm, TE, incoming freshman


Offensive Line (11)


Top Imade, Super Senior

Derek Kerstetter, Super Senior

Denzel Okafor, Super Senior

Junior Angilau, So.

Rafiti Ghirmai, So.

Christian Jones, So.

Isaiah Hookfin, R-Fr.

Tyler Johnson, R-Fr.

Jaylen Garth, Fr.

Andrej Karic, Fr.

Jake Majors, Fr.

Logan Parr, Fr.

Hayden Conner, OL, incoming freshman

Max Merril, OL, incoming freshman


Defensive Linemen (13)


Jacoby Jones, Super Senior

Marqez Bimage, Senior

Keondre Coburn, So.

Moro Ojomo, So.

T’Vondre Sweat, So.

Myron Warren, R-Fr.

Vernon Broughton, Fr.

Alfred Collins, Fr.

Sawyer Goram-Welch, Fr.

David Abiara, incoming freshman

Byron Murphy, incoming freshman

Ja’tavion Sanders, incoming freshman

Barryn Sorrell, Incoming freshman.

Jordon Thomas, incoming freshman


Linebackers (13)


Ray Thornton, LB, graduate senior

Juwan Mitchell, Jr.

DeMarvion Overshown, Jr.

Luke Brockermeyer, So.

Jett Bush, So.

David Gbenda, R-Fr.

Prince Dorbah, Fr.

Marcus Tillman, R-Fr.

Jaylan Ford, Fr.

Jaden Hullaby, Fr.

Morice Blackwell Jr., LB, incoming freshman

Terrence Cooks II, LB, incoming freshman

Derrick Harris Jr., LB, incoming freshman


Defensive Backs (15)


Darion Dunn, DB, Sr.

Josh Thompson, R-Jr.

Anthony Cook, Jr.

Montrell Estell, Jr.

B.J. Foster, Jr.

D’Shawn Jaminson, Jr.

Chris Adimora, So.

Tyler Owens, So.

Marques Caldwell, R-Fr.

Jahdae Barron, Fr.

Kitan Crawford, Fr.

Jerrin Thompson, Fr.

JD Coffey III, DB, incoming freshman

Ishmael Ibraheem, DB, incoming freshman

Jamier Johnson, DB, incoming freshman


Special Teams (4)


Cameron Dicker, K, Jr.

Ryan Bujcevski, P, Jr.

Justin Mader, Jr., LS

Isaac Pearson, P, incoming freshman


Total: 81






Perhaps more fodder for [USER=8160]@Alex Dunlap[/USER]  but I'm curious what these numbers mean to us, what conclusions you draw.   Where we are strongest, weakest etc.    And some "cheap seats" level observations.


And will the super seniors hinder the development of younger more talented players?


And there are not many Juniors listed.   I get part of that is a "last year didn't count" but found that odd.   And in a good way, these guys now have time to develop and a staff that actually understands development




Shouldn't this be 4 as we landed a preferred walk on though I get he does not count against the ship limits.  Sounds like we are taking advantage of Jim Bob's wealth (and smart way to go)


And we have to mention, Charles Wright, greatest name in TEXAS football history.




We have a bunch and outside of one Super Senior, they are all sophs or newer.    Do we have too many? 




Here's hoping Jared Wiley gets to shine in 2021.   Numbers look about right




And in what has been a decades long (one of my few Mack complaints) problem, we seem to be shorting OL in favor of positions like WR




The ND transfer not listed, will he be a senior with 1 year left or a Jr with 2?   Does he project to start?


Did not realize we added 5 this year.   It's a full room but numbers would appear about right.    Curious how Alex ranks them talent wise after spring drills.  




13???   Seems high though we seem headed to a 2-4-5 style D.   And clearly several will play a LB/DE hybrid.   Does Thornton project to start immediately and does Mitchell really have 2 more years?




15  Given our history of injuries, a position that is likely good to be a bit over weighted.    The most "experienced" position group on the roster with a Senior (brand new here) and 5 Juniors


And all this with 4 spots left.


Final question, we already have a DB, LB, RB and DE transfer (he's not on the list yet). 


Clearly OL is a transfer target, do they target 2?   And can you rank by position (realize there will be a bit of BPA to who we add as well) the priorities/biggest needs for transfers


Oh I lied, another question.    By position groups, can you rank them from strongest to weakest?

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On 2/7/2021 at 7:16 AM, Eastexhorn said:

Not to be contervisarl but I have not seen any where that they are returning.Few days ago IT satd Kersetter is rehabing injury and has not decided yet.

Hope you are right would be a big help to OL.


IT is the go to board for Longhorn news it seems.    


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