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Sam Ehlinger to declare for NFL Draft

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Sam closes his collegiate career ranked second on UT record in completions (923), passing yards (11,436), total offense (13,343), passing touchdowns (94), and total touchdowns responsible for (127). Ehlinger also ranks second among Longhorn quarterbacks in rushing touchdowns (33) and third in rushing yards (1,907). 


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He did the best he could with his talant Too bad he was on some eh teams and lousy coaching that never developed him and continuously put him in situations that magnified the weakness in his game.

Go sit in the whirlpool everyday for a month then go see Michael Johnson in Dallas and work on your quickness and explosion then go be the next Tayson Hill.

Thank you Sam for all you have done for The University of Texas. 

Come back as a coach some day.

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Contrary to popular belief, Sam has plenty of talent.  Somehow, though, Herman coached some things OUT OF HIM that he learned in HS and took to Texas.

Sam's freshman year, if it was 2nd and 5 from the 17 and a pass was called but the WR was covered, Sam would throw it OOB or in a place where only the WR could get to it.  Somehow Turtle Tom convinced him to hang on the the ball longer and keep looking in the hopes that a WR would suddenly get open.  

That led to a multitude of sacks.  Sam had a way of overcoming all that nonsense, but everyone knows that once you get in the red zone you have 2, maybe 3 seconds to throw it...AT MOST.    Don't just hang on and get sacked.

Sam will get back to what he KNOWS works and he will do fine in the NFL.  He needs to get better at that long ball, though.  But at UT we never had receivers with any separation.  It's a wonder he ever completed a throw at all.  In the NFL, he will find that WR actually get separation or they don't play NFL.





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I think a team takes a late flyer on him. The Senior Bowl will be big for him. Plays well there he will be drafted.

I'll always love any player who gave their all for Texas.

Sam will be a top 10 all time QB for Texas. Wish we could've won more for him. I'm scared he may get the James Brown treatment, great numbers but didn't win quite enough to be held up with Young, McCoy, Street, and Layne.

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1 hour ago, Tax Saver said:

In the NFL, he will find that WR actually get separation or they don't play NFL.


This isn't necessarily true, because it's harder to get separation from NFL defensive backs. What often makes NFL receivers great is running precise routes, sure hands/big catch radius, and winning contested throws when well-covered.

If Sam struggled finding open receivers in college it probably won't get better in the pros.

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8 minutes ago, Earl Nobis Jefferson said:

Wonder if he will become a Taysom Hill type player for a team.  Heart to play whatever position they ask, and a back up or emergency QB as well.  Just a thought.  

I made that comparison on another message board and got roasted bc Sam "is much slower, not as good an athlete" as Taysom. I guess the lesson is to stop making comparisons? 🙃

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