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Steve Sarkisian named head coach at Texas


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I rather not take a chance on if Lupol improved even though he's a great recruiter.



After some early struggles during the season, Saban stripped Lupoi of defensive play-calling responsibilities and handed them over to co-defensive coordinator Pete Golding, according to sources. Saban had poached Golding from UT-San Antonio in the offseason in part to alleviate concerns about Lupoi’s inexperience with the secondary and as a play-caller. Still, word is Lupoi seemed overwhelmed during practices and didn’t totally grasp situational play-calling. While he was still heavily involved in the defensive game-planning, there was no question Golding taking over play-calling represented a demotion of sorts for Lupoi barely into the start of his defensive coordinator stint. Additionally, it was clear within the program how much Saban valued Golding, especially given he fended off other schools including Ole Miss in order to keep Golding at Alabama. It gave Lupoi reason enough to look for a soft landing place once Alabama’s season ended.





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I am sure Sark will get a DC in time the best IHO he can get.

More to my intrest is.

1 What will he do with the six WOS Tom put on ships?

2 At the end of semester will he take the portal entrees of ships?

3 Who will be first signee for this class? See if it is weakest point of team.

4 If he goes after portal and transfers to shore up weak spots?


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2 minutes ago, DBOOK23 said:

ole Chip saying Lupoi is still in the mix and golding is less likely, to me this sounds like arnett or lupoi but it Makes no sense to be arnett because you could've had him a couple of weeks ago

We don't wont Lupoi as sole DC.  Chip said he'd take a Co-DC.  I say do it and let the other call in the plays.  $$ isn't an issue now, give Lupoi a blank check and let him do work on the recruiting trail.

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3 minutes ago, Slimer said:

We don't wont Lupoi as sole DC.  Chip said he'd take a Co-DC.  I say do it and let the other call in the plays.  $$ isn't an issue now, give Lupoi a blank check and let him do work on the recruiting trail.

most likely scenario in my mind is Lupoi and Heyward or Ansley

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You guys are going much faster than Sark is. He's either having behind the scenes conversations with Pruitt right now, or waiting to see if Tennessee lets him go. I think I heard also that he wants to talk to Arnett again.

There's one more he wanted to talk to in addition to Pruitt. I can't recall who it was tho.


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CDC: When we decided to make a change, one name kept popping up in my mind – Steve Sarkisian. I don’t like change, I’m slow to make change. People grasp at straws and I don’t want to be in that position.

Steve Sarkisian: Honored to be head coach. (He’s given the speech several times already and he’s pretty smooth with it.) Really likes the roster: “This is not a complete rebuild. I’ve done a complete rebuild. … This roster has talent on it, clearly some holes to fill and needs to improve upon.”

Told a couple schools ‘no‘ last season, couple this season, told someone no right before this one and it was a big one. “It’s clearly a big task but I’m not going to shy away from it, I’ve been through some things in my life that have hardened me, made me a better coach, humbled me some, made me a more thoughtful and compassionate person.” But it’s “allowed me to change the way I approach our players, and allowed me to spend two more years under Nick Saban and learn from him.”

Now is the time. Goal is to be here for the next 15-20 years, and establish something that is incredible. “Who would want to replace Nick Saban? I hope people are asking that in 15-20 years about Steve Sarkisian at Texas.”

Want to develop young men – on field, in weight room, in classroom. Graduate them. So when they move on and their football careers are done, they have a successful life. “That’s all part of the process as a head football coach and leader of young men.”

“We’re putting together a tremendous coaching staff that rivals any one in America.”

Starting work in a week - in weight room, on body composition and speed development

Q&A: Not sure I will do things “different” because I’m not focused on how it was done before. Focus is on how we want to do it now. Real sense of discipline that starts off the field and carries itself onto the field. Our job is to outcoach and out-prepare our opponents. It will take a little bit of time but we’ll get there.

First holes to fill – defensive end, don’t have the numbers at that position that you need from a roster management perspective. I think there was 15 receivers on scholarship and we just signed 3 more. At Alabama we had 8 or 9 – that was too low, but this number is probably too high.

Defense – football is a fundamental game, a lot of time we can get caught up in scheme. But for schemes to work you have to play with great fundamentals. I do think you need multiplicity in today’s college football, there’s too much offense right now. You have to be multiple to handle varying schemes from week to week and make things hard on your opponent. We want an attacking style defense, we want to be multiple inside, but we don’t want to sacrifice technique just to be multiple. It’ll take some time to grow into that, but ideally we can stem inside and help the guys up front.

Loves the facility upgrades, we’re going to be right there at the top of the country.

“We have some key targets we’d like to close on well in February and we’re definitely looking at the transfer portal, but anytime you’re looking at portal or juco you should be thinking this guy’s going to come in to fill a key role on your roster. It’s not where we’re going to major, I’d rather major in bringing in freshmen and developing them. Transfer option is going to be for immediate need so there will be things we’ll do in the portal, but going forward we’ll be focused on the freshmen signees and then 1 or 2 people a year we bring in from the portal.”

“Recruiting is about relationships. Facilities matter, schemes matter, tradition matters – but when you get down to it, when a young man is choosing among elite programs in the country, relationships matter. I believe in being authentic with players and their families, and over time you can develop trust and they can take your word with real value and not just as recruiting talk.”

I’m highly involved in recruiting and highly involved in the relationship piece of it, but assistants have to buy in too – that we’re a relationship-based program.

When a kid commits to a university, the university commits to a young man. It’s like dating, engagement and marriage. Unfortunately the times have changed, now a young man commits to you but still goes on dates. We’ll continue to have conversations with a young man if the interest is returned. On the other side we want to be sure a young man is truly committed to the University of Texas otherwise they shouldn’t commit.

In my career I’ve had five quarterbacks go in the top 10 of the NFL draft, and we’ll have another one this year in Mac Jones [On Jones I think he was saying “drafted” not “top 10”]. I think we’ve got a lot of good selling points for a young man to come to Texas, especially if he’s from the great state of Texas.

The first thing every coach has to understand is that we are a developmental staff. We’re not just a recruiting staff. We have to embrace that mindset. That’s not just in the weight room and on the field, it encompasses raising our football IQ, what we’re doing in school and balance in life, getting their degrees. If you develop players then they’re more open to your guidance in other aspects of life. What happens on the field is a direct reflection of what happens off the field.

What are you bringing to our program that will hopefully minimize penalties and special teams issues: Discipline is a key component. When I say discipline I’m not implying hard coaching or yelling at a kid. It’s about how kids go to class, go to the weight room, how they dress, the discipline of the dress of the day (do we have the proper pads on)? Those things are a direct reflection of discipline. You don’t get discipline on the field, you get discipline off the field and that carries onto the field. If you are running 40s and we tell you to put your hand behind the line and you put your hand on the line, you’re making a decision. And then when you’re on the field and you know you can’t block a guy in the back, you may do it anyway.

Life off the field is about perseverance. There’s always obstacles – and football is the best trainer for that. Transfers are an easy way out. Hopefully we can teach our young men that there are no easy ways out in life.

CDC said Sark is in the process of wrapping up a couple of staff hires this morning. (Friday)

Lot of value in a really good walk-on program in the success of your team. There’s an overachiever mentality that walk-ons bring to your team that can sometimes drive the higher-profile players.

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8 hours ago, Eastexhorn said:

Sark was right on about the WR position.For weakest position I would go with OL over DE but he is the coach.

I missed this.... did Sark rank positions of need at Texas?  Can someone list what he said??  I’d be fascinated to know.

going into 2020 I would have said LB was our biggest weakness.  But it seems we had a coach last year who actually “coached them up.” 

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7 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:



It’s been my experience over the years following Texas (many years) that this situation rears its head quite often.  Maybe it does elsewhere and I just don’t know about it?

Either there are a whole lot of people out there who lie about getting offers from Texas or Texas can’t stand the narrative that anyone might turn Texas down?  I even remember Mack Brown boasting after signing day “we offered 25 scholarships and signed 23 of them.” (Paraphrase).

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