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Steve Sarkisian named head coach at Texas

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22 hours ago, RickyFlair said:

I’d love to see how a 3-3-5 could be aligned differently🤪

I don’t care where they dial up pressure from I want 4 big guys with their hand in the dirt.  If that’s how Arnett aligns his 3-3-5 I’ll be fine. 


20 hours ago, 63_Texas_1 said:

@RickyFlair, I understand your point of your preference of 4 down linemen. As I mentioned earlier I was pointing out the different schemes of 3-3-5 to a previous post. 

Hook 'Em! 🤘


20 hours ago, 63_Texas_1 said:

Agree. Arnett regularly spins down into 4-down defenses. His D is really mostly about having flexibility to check an offensive strength.

All of these defenses can work *as long as* we have the right personnel to run them. There's nothing magical about a 4 or 3 man front. 

Give me a 4 man front against a power team with a drop back passer.

Give me a 3 man front against a spread team with a RPO offense or QB that likes to run.

Overall give me a DC that can run both given the opponent and *knows we have the right personnel* to make it work.

Most arguments against scheme come down to wrong personnel or a coach who doesn't know how to run it. 

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11 minutes ago, TFloss32 said:


He runs a multiple Defense and is very aggressive the only two teams that scored more than 24 points on UGA were bama and uf. Saban wants tanning at bama badly also hes a rainmaker recruiter he is probably the best we could ask for

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1 hour ago, RickyFlair said:

It seems we are interested in everyone. 
I do like his base 4-2-5 defense. 

That is what Ash ran here, right?  Didn’t you say you don’t like the 3-3-5?  

I don’t want to put words in your mouth... so what defense do you like? 

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Lanning and Smart — a championship defensive coordinator during his tenure at Alabama — have put their heads together to find some new approaches for the Bulldogs.

Lanning’s creativity is one of the reasons Smart elected to take a chance on the young assistant, rather than go outside the program and hire a more proven coordinator.

Smart was gushing over Lanning’s game plan for Kentucky last season.

In hindsight, Smart’s remarks about Lanning should have provided some strong hints the outside linebackers coach could be on deck for the coordinator position.

He’s got fresh ideas, he’s been with different defensive coaches, he’s got ideas in the room that are outside of our box,” Smart said last November. “He does a great job with his presentations to our defense.



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31 minutes ago, 83Dee said:

That is what Ash ran here, right?  Didn’t you say you don’t like the 3-3-5?  

I don’t want to put words in your mouth... so what defense do you like? 

Yes, Ash’s base was a 4-2-5.

I prefer a 4 man front and I believe the 4-2-5 is probably the best defense vs the spread of any with 4 down linemen. 

My absolute favorite defense is the 46 or “Bear” that Buddy Ryan made famous. The problem with running it in college, especially today, is the spread offense. Even before the spread you had to have 2 lockdown corners for it to work. In my opinion the 46 puts the most pressure on the offense. It is pin your ears back, get up field, attack mode. 

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