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Steve Sarkisian named head coach at Texas

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Sark was on the Dan Patrick show this morning and he was asked out how difficult it’s going to be to out recruit Nick Saban, his response was, “I hope to still be here 15 years from now and people wil

quit making excuses for them would be a good start.  I have three separate lines of Cherokee and I dont hold ANYONE today responsible for the Trail of Tears, of which two of my Cherokee lineages were

Talked to an old friend yesterday who works with FBS ADs and Head Coaches around the country and he had this to say about what's going on at Texas: "Any fans dumb enough not to be crazy excited a

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8 hours ago, DBOOK23 said:

Well for the players its not about an ideology, for it is very real and personal to them as it is about a history of oppression and racism towards Blacks in this country and the origin of the song may be offensive to them. Just because you can't relate doesn't make their concerns non existent. At some point you have to show people some compassion and work with them towards making a change for the better. Like I said you'd be the first person on this board to pout and whine if all the blacks decided to leave based on this issue, so we all better do right by them and show some damn compassion and understanding now before it gets to that point.

quit making excuses for them would be a good start.  I have three separate lines of Cherokee and I dont hold ANYONE today responsible for the Trail of Tears, of which two of my Cherokee lineages were forced to participate.  The Irish were treated horrendously as well. Every race and every culture has had slavery and victims of it. 

Name ONE player at Texas that isnt at an advantage over 90% of peers in the state of Texas.  You may find a couple or three exceptions but for the most part, these players are self-important, entitled, brats screaming for attention (as are players in other programs).  I use to tell my soldiers that you will not get rid of racism until you decide to quit making it something that controls your life.  (Quit making excuses for them!)

This past weekend, a good friend's son won the national AAU football championship in New Bransfels for their age group (4 teams from Killeen won national championships at different age groups beating out Arkansas, Florida, California and Texas teams).  A good percentage of these players are black kids.  Is something that happened 150 yrs ago holding them back? NO!  But, one thing that can hold them back is if they let some moron talk them into becoming a slave of the past. Regardless of color, these kids are ALREADY approached by trainers to help them get ready for the future. My friend's son has been approached by three trainers (two former UT players) and he is starting specialized individual training in a couple of weeks.  Athletes are fawned all over since about age 6 and are not put out in any way regardless of color.  

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25 minutes ago, RickyFlair said:

Turned down more money to feed his ego. Mark my words he will flop in the NFL. 
Sark seems genuinely thankful for the opportunity so Meyer can suck it!

yeah, I think it is even money that he'll be successful in the NFL.

Part of his system in college was the ability to sell his vision and success to young, talented recruits.  Some coaches (And, I believe this is the case with Saban) like the college game because it gives them the opportunity to stack the roster once they have a vision to sell.  I think UM might find that managing the roster & egos much more difficult in the NFL and with players that make more than he does.  Is he talented enough with Xs & Os to create a new vision?  maybe, but he's likely going to have to move away from his RPO power spread, which means changing HIS system - we'll see.

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