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Some sad news tonight


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I know some of us here are/have been posters on other sites over the years.  One of our close friends, @JimsTexas, passed away this morning, peacefully in his sleep.  His son called me tonight with the news. 

Jim had some health issues, but still was able to go out and fish and faithfully followed the Longhorns, never wavering in his support regardless of recruiting classes, coaches or W/L record.  I've personally known him for years and spoke with him on Monday night.  I'm happy to call him a friend, spelling mistakes and all.  If you're the praying type, please keep his wife, son and grandchildren in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this.

If you don't recall his posts, he generally ended them with this:

It isn't always pretty but this is called old man writing so don't be to critical of my spelling and sentence structuring. For you fisherman might your fishing line always be tight.
Now a little wisdom please remember this "Keep our Lord in your Hart and always have a blessed week don't take yourself so seriously no one else does enjoy your life. Have a Jack and Coke once and a while " Keep your Horns Raised high and proud


RIP Jim.


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Thanks everyone for the kind words about Jim. He was one of a kind. 

I have talked to Aaron and wanted to share a fundraiser that we are doing on behalf of Jim. After speaking with UTDave and the family, we are trying to raise enough money to start a UT Athletics Scholarship in Jim’s name. As of this morning, we are over $5,000. The funds are being collected by Rob at the OB Benevolent Fund. Once we hit our goal of $25,000, this will be presented to the Longhorn Foundation for the creation of the scholarship. 

Here is the information:

We are still reeling on the news of our brother @JimsTexas passing away. I am so fortunate to have met Jim on a few occasions and visit with one of the most humble and genuine people I have ever met. A lot of folks who never knew Jim would correct him on his spelling and try to make him more like us. Everyone I have spoken with who knew the man wanted to be more like him, myself included. We love you Jim and pray Godspeed as we look at the burnt orange sunsets and take your relentless advice to keep our "horns raised high" my friend.

We are setting up a Jim Stacey Memorial Athletic Scholarship to honor Jim. @joeywa & @UTDave have spoken with the family and this is what they prefer we do to honor Jim's legacy. They are also orchestrating the connections to the University to connect all the dots. We are establishing an account to specifically manage this effort, We have a $25,000.00 min goal to achieve. Lets do this.

Ways to donate;

Venmo @OCBF1

PayPal rob.orangebloods@gmail.com

Mail Checks
PO Box 535
Bellville, TX 77418



If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me. We realize that this has been a rough year for many, so if you are able to give a little, that’s awesome.  

Hook ‘Em and have a safe & healthy holiday season. 🤘🏼

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