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View from the Cheap Seats-KSU


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View from the Cheap Seats-KSU

BiJion’s coming out party-Feast of the Running Backs


Wow, if anyone had any questions why BiJon was such a highly sought after recruit, all questions have now been answered.    The young man is an amazing combination of power, speed, shiftiness and vision.  We can only hope this is what we can expect over the next 2 years and 2 games.   His explosive running was the catalyst behind the biggest offensive explosion from a TEXAS team since the 2005 BigXII title game.  Fitting that Joel Klatt was doing the announcing as he was on the receiving end of that 2005 beat down as QB for the CU Buffs.    TEXAS would score 4 TDs and a FG on it’s first 5 drives to take a lead into half.    After the half, KSU showed signs of life, TEXAS would crush those signs by answering KSU’s 14 points in the 3rd, with 35 of their own.   5 TDs on 5 drives in one quarter.   Not only was this the biggest scoring output since 2005 and the biggest in the CTH era, it also represented the biggest 3rd quarter in the CTH era.  

We’re too lazy to do the research but was this the biggest day in TEXAS history by 2 RBs?   Not only did BiJon break out with a 9 carry 172 yard, 3 TD day and a ridiculous 19 ypc, Roschon Johnson counters with 14 carries, 139 yards and 3 TD day, finishing 1 tick off 10 ypc for his career best day as well. 300+ yards by our RBs against one of the better front 4’s in the BigXII.  Nice, VERY NICE   Oh wait, it doesn’t end there.    Would you believe it if we told you that TEXAS did all that without it’s #1 offensive lineman and without it’s #2 offensive lineman for half the game.

Bijion interview reported by the on air staff on why he choose TEXAS over offers from Bama, tOSU or Clemson etc.  

“College football is better when TEXAS is good and I want to be part of that comeback”

How does anyone not love the kid?  


Offensively we saw a game plan which featured getting TEXAS’ best players the ball in their hands with a chance to show case their talents.  For those regular readers of the Cheap Seats, you know we have long been frustrated by TEXAS’ “bombs away” offense which has led  to TEXAS frequently being behind the chains in long yardage situations.    Against the Wildcats, we saw the offense that more closely resembled what we saw vs Utah in the Alamo Bowl.   An offense designed to keep the D off balance with a good mix of run and pass, shorter/quicker throws allowing pass catchers to utilize their talents.   It will be interesting to read some of the upcoming “tale of the tape” reports on how our patch work offensive line was able to be so much more productive despite not having Sam Cosmi (good luck in the show) at left tackle and starting true freshman Jake Majors (we really hope his performance is indicative of things to come) at center.    Plus losing Derreck K who had slid out to play Right Tackle as Christian Jones flipped to the left side.  No question in our mind this game plan would have had TEXAS as half of the BigXII title game in a re-match with a 2 loss ISU who would still hold the tie breaker with OU.    We wonder where this O has been all year.

While the D was not horrid in the game, they certainly looked more like our D from the 1st half of the year than the 2nd.   Former CFS’ DB coach Chris Vaughan’s son Duece ripped the D for 12.4 ypc and shows he’ll be a thorn in BigXII D’s sides for the next 2 years (he’s a true freshman).   After shutting down 3 of the top RBs in the nation in the past 4 weeks, the offense picked a great week to kick things in gear because the D was back to it’s old tricks of missing tackles and getting gashed by RBs.   What they did that was most impressive was to create 2 interceptions which led to 14 points.   Our favorite was true freshman Jerrin Thompson basically hiding behind the referee who was directly in KSU QB Will Howard’s line of sight and popping out to break under the receiver, then returning the ball 21 yards to the KSU 3.

Offensive player of the game:

Bijon Robinson

Honorable mention:   our OL and Roschon Johnson

Defensive player of the game:

Joseph Ossai

HM:   Jerrin Thompson

Special teams player of the game:

              De’shawn Jamison    3 returns for 150 yards with a long of 98


Stats that matter

4    Penalties on TEXAS, which is less than half TEXAS’ season average

14/9/2     14 drives, 9 TDs 2 FGs    That’s impressive

69   Most points since 2005

35    5 drives in the 3rd quarter, 5 TDs.   Might be a TEXAS record





So with the loss to ISU, with Coach Herman 99 and 44/100th all but gone and with what amount to a scrimmage vs Kansas on deck, talk turns to “does TEXAS land Urban Meyer”?    And if they don’t land UFM, who is next.    Let’s to a quick run down of “next” if UFM says no.   And make no mistake, we do not want UFM to turn us down.   These in our order and make no mistake, all come with risks, there are no sure things.   Many want to say TEXAS is no place for OJT, we agree but challenge anyone to find candidates with skins.

Mario Christobal-A Saban disciple, a GREAT offensive line coach and the best recruiter not named UFM.   One needs to dig into his Florida International record which is more impressive than it appears at 1st blush.   Won the Pac 12 (weakest of the Power 5) and a Rose Bowl win.  You can double his salary and still not pay what CTH is getting

Luke Fickell-Cincy    Doing great things at a mid major.  He’s a mid west guy with no ties to TEXAS

Tom Allen-Indiana    Dude has Indiana winning football games in the B1G.   That’s impressive and his players LOVE him.   Making $4 million a year already.

PJ Fleck-Minnesota  2 time MAC coach of the year last year’s B1G coach of the year.  Might be expensive to land.   

Our dark horse guy:   Chris Ash.   We don’t hold Rutgers against him, it’s freaking Rutgers. OTOH, we’ll wager Rutgers taught him a ton of what not to do and that can be valuable.

We love Dan Mullen but doubtful he’s making a lateral move

Guys we want ZERO part of:

Steve Sarkisian

Hugh Freeze


Ranking the BigXII

#1  ISU    Nuff said, we choked

#2  OU    

#3   TEXAS   Kinda backed doored our way to #3 but the pre-season goal with BigXII title.  We failed and have no one to blame but ourselves

#4  Oklahoma State and TCU we have tied as TCU beat OSU

#6  WVU

#7  KSU

#8  TT

#9  Baylor

#10 Kansas


If we had a playoff vote:

#1 Bama

#2  ND

#3  Clemson

#4  tOSU

Will be interesting to see if the committee gives Cincy any love.    Sadly, aggie might be on the verge of a playoff berth.    We need Clemson to beat ND in a close game as a Clemson loss opens the door to the #4 spot.    Florida upsetting Bama works too but unlikely.   


ESPN College Pick’em

Yours truly slid from #4 last week to #5 this week but revealing in our 2020 1st Top 10 finish.

Props to Baby Yoda, your 2020 OB winner.

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