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*****GAME THREAD: #21 Texas Longhorns vs. #15 Iowa State Cyclones*****

Aaron Carrara

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Why can’t we get 1 yard when we need it? That ball early in the game Eagles caught and got tackled at the 4. 1 down run to the one 2nd from the one and we end up taking a field goal. 4th and 1 later in the game, Designed run with Sam and the guy knifes through and takes his legs out and they come up short. Our offensive line has a lot of guys that have alot of starts under their belt and we can’t knock these opponents that we usually outweigh by 30 lbs or more off the ball for a yard. We get way too many negative plays that get us behind the chains and then they get pressure on Sam rushing 4. We have Yurcich and Herman working offense and we have no identity on offense. Bijan had 10 carries early and then 3 more the rest of the day. I just think we have enough talent on offense that we could scheme up something that would worked against a less athletic Iowa St team. 

270 lb TE running wide up and we can’t cover them and we had two weeks to look at how much they use the TE’s. 

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Just my opinion Tex but we never seem committed to the running game. There is a reason most good RBs get better as the game goes on. They get into a rhythm and their OL has had a chance to wear down the defensive front. Early on it seemed like we were going to follow that pattern, then a couple of successful deep balls and that all changed.

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