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All Things Politics Thread

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Folks, I'm beginning to think we're going to need a redo on this election. I know its unheard of but there is no credibility left in the process we're currently conducting. Rampant cheating on a scale

This election was rigged from the start. That’s why democrats were so confident even though they had a candidate that couldn’t complete a sentence 

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I've had an observation for some time, but it really hit home in this debate. Democrats, when defending their platform, rely on 2 things almost exclusively: 

1. You're a racist.  For years they insinuated this, but now they come right out and say it. 

2. “You don't care about people.”  If you don’t agree it’s because, you don’t care like me / we do.  

They don't defend the effectiveness of their policies, only that you're racist or heartless if you don't agree.  

This is known as an ad hominem attack, and in years gone by was considered the lowest form of debate - only used in desperation.  Now we have a political party that relies on it almost exclusively.   

Biden literally said "you're a racist" in the debate.  Kamala wasn't quite as direct but came darn close.  

I think politics is a battle for about 20% of the voting population that votes but pays almost zero attention to what's going on.  And ad hominem works on these people.  

It also causes division and hatred both ways.  

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15 minutes ago, drgilbert said:


Good governor. Stupid liberal prosecutor. The 2nd Amendment gives Americans a right to defend themselves. If Harris/Biden gets elected they will most definitely try to take that away. Biden wants to send a psychologist to ride with police and defuse the situation. Have you ever heard of a dumber idea in your life? What psychologist would want to take that job and they make alot of money so how would he pay them? Oh yea I forgot he’s going to raise taxes so maybe he’ll be able to pay 🙄🙄. You can’t make this stuff up. If Trump came out with an idea like that he would be bashed to death from the media but Biden said it and you hardly even hear about it.  

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58 minutes ago, DMAC said:

This tweet is old but she reiterated it during the debate. 

Democrats use the word "Forgive" in reference to student loan debt and "Free" in regardless to tuition. 

What they really mean is the taxpayers are paying for it.  Nothing is ever free, someone is paying for it.

It surprises me how many people don't comprehend that someone has to pay for it.

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