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All Things Politics Thread

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@primal defense I'll play, even though I have no faith in the positive result here.

"This is just like DMAC's racist argument that Jacob Blake getting shot in the back was his fault."


You have a suspect who has a warrant, who is not complying with police directives, and who is resisting arrest and now trying to get something out of the front floorboard of his car.

What do you do if you're that police officer, PD?

Do you stand there and hope he's not reaching for a gun stashed in the car? Or a knife? (Which he had in the car). If you pull your weapon and wait to see what he does, you're dead if it is a gun he's going for.

Are you expecting the cop to serve his life up because the guy turned his back while reaching for a possible firearm?

How do you answer this, PD?

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Folks, I'm beginning to think we're going to need a redo on this election. I know its unheard of but there is no credibility left in the process we're currently conducting. Rampant cheating on a scale

This election was rigged from the start. That’s why democrats were so confident even though they had a candidate that couldn’t complete a sentence 

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3 hours ago, DMAC said:

Bad news folks, very bad.

Apparently 61% of the US population has died from COVID.  Biden said 200 million have died and quite passionately too. 🤣🤣

Word is fact checkers are now trying to figure out a way make this somewhat acceptable. 

Someone get this man some reading glasses.



There's really no excuse for this since he said not long ago that 100 million had died. Then he said 180,000 military had died.

Can you imagine this man in a negotiating situation with Putin? lol

Putin – "We want you to dismantle your warheads and leave Europe. In return, we will let you dismantle your warheads and leave Europe."

Biden – You gotta deal, you dog-faced pony soldier!


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2 hours ago, 63_Texas_1 said:

BLM Manifesto  still calls for overthrow of US government.




Its hard to understand why anyone endorses this garbage



The Manifesto of Our Struggle

African brothers and sisters! Here is the program of a real Black movement. It is time for a revolution that is non-dogmatic, innovative and against prejudice.

For the political injustice: We demand:

  1. Universal suffrage polled on a regional basis, with proportional representation and voting and electoral office eligibility for undocumented citizens.
  2. A minimum voting age of 16 years and a minimum age of 25 to hold a public office.
  3. The abolition of the Legislative and Judicial Branches of the US Government.
  4. The creation of a National Assembly for a duration of 3 years. Its primary responsibility will be to form a new constitution of the United States.
  5. The formation of a National Council of experts for labor, industry, transportation, public health, communications, etc. Selections to be made from the collective professionals or of tradesmen with legislative powers, and elected directly to a General Commission with administrative powers.

For the racial injustice: We demand:

  1. The immediate enactment of federal law that sanctions an eight-hour workday for all workers.
  2. A federal minimum wage of $20 per hour.
  3. Immediate creation of labor unions for all major industries.
  4. Labor unions and their representatives are to be given equal power as that of industry executives or public servants.
  5. The rapid and complete nationalization of all the transport industries.
  6. Reduce the national retirement age from 66 years of age to 55 years of age.

For the police injustice: We demand:

  1. The institution of unarmed mediation and intervention teams with a short period of mandatory service.
  2. The nationalization of all the weapons, bullet, and explosives manufacturers.
  3. A national policy intended to promote and further Black and other People of Color cultures and identities in the world.

For the economic injustice: We demand:

  1. A strong progressive tax on capital that will be redistributed as reparations to enslaved descendants and indigenous people.
  2. The seizure of all the possessions of the religious congregations and the abolition of all the religious institutions that have been used to oppress, enslave, and colonize People of Color.
  3. The revision of all military contracts and the seizure of 85 percent of the profits to be redistributed to the enslaved descendants and indigenous people.



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