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All Things Politics Thread

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Folks, I'm beginning to think we're going to need a redo on this election. I know its unheard of but there is no credibility left in the process we're currently conducting. Rampant cheating on a scale

I haven’t watched an award show in several years.  Not going to waste my time being preached to about values I do not agree with.  

This election was rigged from the start. That’s why democrats were so confident even though they had a candidate that couldn’t complete a sentence 

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1 hour ago, drgilbert said:


This is not just US Federal law, it's international law as a result of the Nuremberg trials, where people CAN NOT be vaccinated against their will. Nazis did a lot of forced "health" experiments and vaccinations were a part of what they wanted to figure out.  Hitler was terrified of cancer and even protected the best doctors (who were known Jews) to continue their research


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This guy, Swaim, is running for the senate. He wont win & unseat Tim Scott who replaced DeMint.  

Nonetheless, does anyone have any idea what he is talking about here - I dont.  It could just be an attention-getting snippet for uphill senate primary.... but, even if so, you'd think it would be based on something. 

court packing? literal intimidation? Any ideas?

Swain_SCarolina- fear in SCOTUS.jpg

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On 5/18/2021 at 8:05 PM, drgilbert said:

This sounds racist even though some people don’t think people of color can’t be racist 


This is satire but it is really funny..,.

People at the scene said Sowell brushed the drywall dust off of his corduroy jacket and said, "It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." He shrugged and most of the people present nodded in agreement. "Well, guess I'll go," he said. He then burst through another unbroken portion of wall and left.

it would be GREAT if a prominent black conservative showed up like Allen Keys (he's in Chicago). haha


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This is how it starts people.  they float something acceptable, knowing they are going to change it later.  It's like trying to deal in good faith with a communist, they agree with a concept or a treaty knowing that you will try to live up to your end of the agreement; whereas they have NO intention of doing so.  

I loved the "Fair Tax" concept but I couldnt get around the idea that they would raise the flat tax after we gave up all our write-offs, thus, creating a worse tax position by multiples. This has happened several times with the Repubs trying to deal with Dems in good faith over taxes/revenue; you might as well be dealing with communist. The only way I would wholeheartedly back the Fair Tax is if it were tied to a constitutional amendment, for whatever that is worth. Politicians IGNORE the constitution nowadays anyway so I'm not sure that's a valid path for a fair tax. 


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If this happens, we are officially going down the tyrannical path

Hancock: compulsory vaccinations being seriously considered

Matt Hancock, a vehement critic of anti-vaccination campaigners, has previously suggested such a plan. Speaking at a fringe event at the Conservative party conference, he said he was “very worried” by falling vaccination rates, indicating the government could act soon.

“I’ve said before that we should be open-minded, and frankly, what I’d say is that when the state provides services to people then it’s a two-way street – you’ve got to take your responsibilities, too,” Hancock told the Q&A session hosted by the Huffington Post.

“So I think there’s a very strong argument for having compulsory vaccinations for children when they go to school, because otherwise they’re putting other children at risk.

“Then I’d want to make it very easy if the children do arrive at school not vaccinated, simply to get vaccinated, and make it the norm. But I think there’s a very strong argument for movement to compulsory vaccination, and I think the public would back us.”

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