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All Things Politics Thread

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Folks, I'm beginning to think we're going to need a redo on this election. I know its unheard of but there is no credibility left in the process we're currently conducting. Rampant cheating on a scale

I haven’t watched an award show in several years.  Not going to waste my time being preached to about values I do not agree with.  

This election was rigged from the start. That’s why democrats were so confident even though they had a candidate that couldn’t complete a sentence 

Posted Images

This cartoon says a LOT about difference in family values between two different ideological peoples.  

We experienced the same thing in Iraq, where Islamic insurgents would use schools, hospitals, mosques and people in general to shoot their mortars (rockets were shot from open spaces and, therefore usually at night under the cover of darkness to put the whole thing together). They could drop several mortars in a tube, break down the system, throw it in the trunk of a car in less than two minutes.  They would be gone before we could get air support on target, even when we had roving helicopter patrols just for that reason. 

Once we were watching (via UAV) them do this exact thing from a school courtyard.  Counterfire (artillery response) was out of the question and the insurgents were gone before the helicopter could get there... so we followed them on UAV. We sent a call-for-fire mission to the artillery unit (waiting for the command to fire) on an open intersection just in case (no one or other cars were there). Sure enough, the car stopped at the intersection, we sent the command to fire, and seconds later a 155mm howitzer round air burst right above the car - what a beautiful sight.  I ran to the ops center to see if they caught the feed.  The commanding general came in yelling about why wasnt he notified about shooting artillery within an urban area (which was against rules of engagement)?  After he calmed down, he was told to just watch the video.  It was so timely, so accurate, so devastating that the CG love it and had it added to the archive of effects.  

But this is what they do: they use Israeli (and our) value system against us in order to harm us

arab family values.jpg

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Yes, chalk this up to: this is so outlandish that it would be funny if it werent so serious.  Politicians will say ANYTHING!  Fauci says you need to vaccinate AND wear TWO masks even at home with family members. Corrupt MSM and Dems/Libs eat it up. They should change their mascot from a donkey to a cow

Indian MP claims that drinking cow URINE protects her from Covid
https://mol.im/a/9587873 via @MailOnline
Indian MP claims that drinking cow URINE protects her from Covid
Indian MP Pragya Thakur has caused outrage after she claimed that she is protected from coronavirus because she drinks cow urine every day.
Everyone can reply

I revised the Mascot pic. It needed a mask   LOL


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35 minutes ago, TexCoyote said:

Share? In other words give them. I don’t understand why taxpayers have to fund $80M doses to other countries. How about we can sell them some doses? A lot (not all but a lot) of these countries burn our flags in the streets and hate our guts. This is American taxpayers money 

Why don’t we make sure every American that wants the vaccine gets it before we start sharing 

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