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All Things Politics Thread

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Folks, I'm beginning to think we're going to need a redo on this election. I know its unheard of but there is no credibility left in the process we're currently conducting. Rampant cheating on a scale

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow patriots.  🦃🇺🇸

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This isnt your typical FOIA request... this is SERIOUS!



This article from RevolverNews is well worth the read for those that care about their country. Here's a snippet...

The Democrats and the mainstream media have successfully branded the January 6th melee as an “armed insurrection” even though nobody was armed.

In reality, the only people who had loaded guns were the Capitol Police. And as a result, one unarmed Trump supporter by the name of Ashli Babbit was shot and killed — and sadly, nearly four months later, her death still remains a mystery.

Left-wing agitators and reporters were on sight to stoke the fires of “revolution,” and good-hearted MAGA “grandma and grandpas” who just wanted to support President Trump were innocently meandering around as well.

Some agitators fought with police in front of the cameras, while other groups were quietly ushered into the Capitol building by DC officials who looked more like friendly tour guides than law enforcement.

But unbeknownst to most Americans, there actually was an “insurrection” that took place at the Capitol — however, it didn’t happen on January 6th. It took place on January 8th and it was carried out by Nancy Pelosi.

Two days after the Capitol melee, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made an ominous phone call that could change the entire game.

On January 8th, Nancy Pelosi picked up her phone and bypassed the military chain of command by making a jaw-dropping direct appeal to Army General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley.

Think about that for a minute: a politician who has no place whatsoever within the national security chain of command went around the already-established chain of command channels and used her power and position to try and give direct orders to the nation’s top military officer.

Nancy Pelosi asked General Mark Milley to take action against President Trump.


Donald Trump was still the president on Jan 6th and Jan 8th. Pelosi actually took steps to form a coup and have the Joint Chief of Staff to intervene against Trump. This is an ABSOLUTELY dangerous precedence against a constitutional republic. Aint gonna happen but Pelosi SHOULD be apprehended and charged for threats against the president, and the US, and possibly treason.  She is a domestic enemy. 

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2 hours ago, drgilbert said:

Well, well, well


Yep, I was going to post a different tweet referring to the same thing.  


the morons that caused most of the problems were leftist Antifa types wearing MAGA stuff.  The capital police let everyone one in and an unarmed woman was shot in the neck and we STILL dont have the name of the cop that shot her... and charges were dropped

ashi babbitt.jpg

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3 hours ago, UTfish said:

Man, that's great! Some of my ancestors were slaves to the black Moors from 700 - 1400 AD. Can't wait to see how much is owed to me for that 700 years of slavery. I sure hope it will be prorated by the years. 

Mine too! 

Cherokee side: some were taken slaves and forced incarceration as a result of Trail of Tears. Cherokees were also stollen/kidnapped during the ToT by other tribes and taken into slavery

Jewish side: Way too many examples to list

Does attempted slavery by Mexico in 1830s qualify?

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This is absurd. Where are the "peace-niks" when the Dems do this crap?!  Clinton did the same thing with regards to Bosnia.  There were absolutely NO American interests at stake in Bosnia... but no outcry from the left.  The left had a conniption fit with both Bush's (41 & 43) proclaiming over and over: IT IS ALL ABOUT OIL. Wasnt true of course but even if it was true, at least that was something to be concerned about. Bosnia? nothing.  Ukraine? nothing.  I'm not saying that US should or shouldnt be involved; just pointing out the hypocrisy of the Dems - again. 


Tulsi Gabbard issues warning about potential war with Russia


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I think people are missing the forest for the trees. I think something much bigger is at stake. Putting that aside, however....

This was argued in the beginning and for almost 200 yrs.  Statehood is a nonstarter & would require a constitutional amendment. As I see it, there really are only three options:

1. status quo: keep the dysfunctional district as is. If voting is an issue as it was 200yrs ago, people can move a few miles to the suburbs and vote - much easier to do today than it was two centuries ago

2. Recede property to it's rightful owners. This partially happened in 1847.  One third of DC was receded back to Virginia (I think Virginia voters would like to give it back). Originally, DC was 10 square miles (100miles); 31 miles on the Virginia side and 69 miles on Maryland side of Potomac.  I'm fairly certain Maryland voters would vote this down; they wouldnt want the headache either and they are already a blue state so there is no real Dem benefit in doing it

3. Turn DC into a US controlled international territory such as Porto Rico, & Guam, which also would require a constitutional amendment.  More tenable than direct statehood and Dems may see this as a preliminary step towards statehood because the constitutional requirement would have been met 


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