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All Things Politics Thread

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Folks, I'm beginning to think we're going to need a redo on this election. I know its unheard of but there is no credibility left in the process we're currently conducting. Rampant cheating on a scale

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow patriots.  🦃🇺🇸

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So lets review the latest on liberalism meets MLB, shall we?

MLB, in a move they say was in protest to Georgia's new voter laws because the state now requires an ID to vote (which are given by the state, free of charge, to any Georgia resident). They say this is racist.

So MLB yanks the All-Star game from Atlanta, a predominately black city, and moves it to Denver, a city where blacks make up 10% of the population. Plus, the state of Colorado has a Voter ID law already on the books.

Atlanta and its businesses will lose millions over this decision. Meanwhile the predominately white businesses in Denver have received an early Christmas present.

Is everything "woke" this retarded?

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6 minutes ago, TexCoyote said:


jimmy fallon laughing GIF by Obama

Now do the part where you post all the black opinion writers & scholars arguing the laws red states are trying to enact are Jim Crow 2.0, yeah I don’t think you’re gonna do that. And there are way more of people stating that than this garbage. But it doesn’t go with you’re viewpoint. Black people can see the way the laws effect their lives when voting. Let me even tie this in to UT football. Did you not see when Kenyatta Watson’s mom tweeted about how they changed her voting location & never told her? Did you not see all the posts of people in Georgia showing how black communities had long lines & then people when to majority white communities and there were no lines. We’ve seen the Jim Crow laws enacted to try to limited my community from voting. But don’t worry, red states are doing the work to push Biden and Senates Dems toward nuking the filibuster to pass the John Lewis VR Act. Oh I can only hope they do that! Let’s allow everyone legally allowed to vote, the ability to do so. And make it easier. That’s gonna scare Republicans. 

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Austin is on its way to becoming another failed liberal city.  

Prior to 2020, retirements averaged 50-52 per year over the last 5-6 years
Record number of retirements in FY 2020: 97
First-quarter 2021 retirements: 45

Add to those 45 retirements the 18 resignations or terminations, for a total of 63 separations in just the first quarter of 2021. If the current pace continues, APD could lose approximately 252 officers — about five times the average number of separations for a year.

2019 saw 31 homicides in the city. Homicides in Austin increased in 2020 over 2019, to at least 44. Sources confirm Austin has had 21 homicides in the first quarter of 2021, putting it on pace to exceed 2020’s total by some distance.

Good luck policing the homeless, drug-infested, scooter-littered streets while the Mayor of Austin takes off to Mexico during a pandemic.


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This isnt a hot-take so I dont understand the "BREAKING" tag.  Boehner is either REALLY stupid or he's really a Dem that ran as a Repub.  People like me are so sick and tired of RINOs so much so that many may opt out of the next couple of elections (something I've never done). The Repubs need to purge itself of these morons or the party will become irrelevant.  This moron pushes a false narrative to sell a book - not the first one to do that - but puts him in bad character company

Boehner on Trump.png

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