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All Things Politics Thread

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Do as WE say not as WE do


A resurfaced video from the Obama-era White House shows Joe Biden joking about asking Mainland China to help him become president.

Biden made those remarks at a U.S.-Chinese forum in Washington back in 2013 while referring to his earlier meeting with Xi Jinping who had just become Chinese president.

Reports pointed out that a similar joke by President Trump about Russia sparked an FBI probe and the “collusion hoax,” while Biden got away with making such comments.

The former vice president’s remarks were also made at the time when his son Hunter was receiving hefty payments from Beijing amid a military draw-down by the U.S. in the South China Sea.


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Well if you want to go back in history, the majority of slaves sold to the European slave traders were sold by fellow Africans. The tribes would fight each other and the victors would sell the losers.

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“From what little evidence we have about China’s troll-farm activity, with its bots and with all of its others, they seem to be favoring Vice President Biden, trying trying to make life very difficult for President Trump — as well as fueling the protests, of course,” Chang explained. “I think that Beijing has decided that it’s voting for the Democratic Party candidate.”

In June, Twitter took down 174,000 fake Chinese accounts,” he added. “I think that gives you a sense of how large the Chinese effort is. It really is much larger than those of Russia.”


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4 hours ago, primal defense said:

Just yesterday, he was truly humbled to be in the presence of our courageous World War II veterans.



Did Trump give Armed Forces a pay raise?  Yes.  Obama/Biden cut military spending.   The VA was run into the ground during the Obama/Biden years.  Trump overhauled VA and gave vets the choice to see private doctors.  That directly affects vets.  Trump is more patriotic than all Democratic nominees over the last 30 years combined. 

Kelly's top aid and even Bolton (who hates Trump) said it never happened.  They were there.  They put their names on it.  He released a classified email debunking the main story as to why he didnt attend.  But we are supposed to believe other accusations in a trash liberal magazine with anonymous sources even after their story was debunked. The Atlantic owner has donated over 1 million to Biden just this year.

Democrats are desperate because they know they are going to lose so they are pulling out the stops.  This supposedly happened 2 years ago and just now coming out.  FAKE NEWS


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Remember when John Kerry called US Viet Nam war vets criminals, murderers and rapists?
The Democrats nominated that man for president.
Today, they make up a similar story about Trump and try to hold it against him.
Just nod your head if any of this is entertaining to you. lol
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22 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:


I still don’t think they’ll let Biden debate Trump. They’ll come up with some excuse very soon. With his cognitive decline, there’s no way they will let him go head to head with Trump. They have been scripting Biden’s appearance. They give the questions to the “reporters” and have the answers for Biden on TelePrompTer or on paper. The other day the handlers called on the reporters because he couldn’t even do it. Most of their press conferences is just things they hate Trump about. They’ve not offered one thing that they would do. Today they came to Kamala for questions and she said I think we’re through here. She wouldn’t even take questions. I thought she would take questions because she could BS her way through. Only thing they have is a rigged election on mail in ballots. 

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36 minutes ago, TexCoyote said:

Today they came to Kamala for questions and she said I think we’re through here. She wouldn’t even take questions. I thought she would take questions because she could BS her way through. Only thing they have is a rigged election on mail in ballots. 

In my day, she would never get away with that. Other reporters from other networks/media would have raised a real stink until the situation changed. 

Don't underestimate the success of the mail-in thing. Friend of mine in New York was part of their recent election which included mail in balloting and after six weeks, still had no winner. He said he had four ballots mailed to him at his address. None of them were for him. smh

But who cares, he's got four votes in place of one. What a bargain!


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Idiots say they won’t let Biden debate Trump. He has cognitive decline. It’s Biden with the decline, not Trump who had a test done for people when there is actually reason to believe some may have had some type of neurocognitive issue. Again the test Trump took wasn’t a WISC-V or WAIS-IV. It was a test that’s made to be so easy that, if you fail, they know you’ve suffered some type of TBI, CVA,  etc. But yes let’s pretend that’s not suspect that he had to have that done. But moving on...

Biden is going to debate Trump. It will happen. And the same idiots swearing Biden will not debate him. They will switch their stories. It will be: of course he debated him, he had to. There will be talks of moderators going easy on Biden. Biden will stutter some and people will talk about that. Biden will have a solid debate and Trump will be Trump. It won’t satisfy all these morons talking about cognitive decline. But they don’t really matter. They are morons. This election will come down to how bad the coronavirus is. That’s why Trump is desperately pitching a vaccine by Election Day. That won’t matter if people don’t trust him or his politicization of the FDA & CDC. People won’t take the vaccine. Cases will still go up and deaths will still occur. Trump’s logic is so flawed. He shit the bed for months. Told us it would from 15 to 0. Told us China was doing a good job. Refuses to wear a mask. Refuses to have social distancing at events. Yet he thinks pushing a vaccine through without the proper trials, that will save his presidency? Come on. This guy is a moron as well. A majority of the country does not trust him so they won’t get the vaccine. His voters think the virus isn’t serious, so why would they get it? So basically he’s pushing the possible of a vaccine that may not be widely taken because of his ineffective leadership?? He’s preaching law and order yet polls show people would feel safer with Biden. They think he hasn’t handled the protests well as well. Yeah Trump is afraid of everyone being able to have their votes counted because if that was the case, he loses overwhelmingly. With suppression on the vote, he increases his chances. So everyone go vote. Even if you’re voting for Trump go vote. I want everyone to have their vote counted. I’m not afraid of an outcome by the people. But for some reason Republicans are. And Trump has already told us why. 

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One Fox reporter...

Fox is conservative, but just like the Democrats which have moderates and left wing nut jobs.  Fox has establishment Never Trumpers and also Trump supporters.  Fox has many shows where their hosts are Never Trumpers so it isnt surprising.  Arthel Neville is one of them.  Cavuto has become another.  I calssify them as the Jeff Flakes of Fox.

I do find it funny she now claims it was Trump calling the 4 star generals losers to their face.  They have hated the fact he pulling out of endless occupations like Afghanistan.  First she said it was the memorial but now its in meetings with generals at the pentagon.  I love how Griffin now says Bolton wasnt in the room.  How convenient considering he was there and denies her claims.  She still claims Trump didnt want to go because he thought they were losers.  Three people that were actually there and two of them hate Trump said that wasn't true.  She also said Mnuchin heard him say it but he denies that.  He did so today.  Now she says its patently false.  Wait was she there?  No she wasnt.  This appears to be a throw all the shit on the wall and lets see what sticks.


"I don't know who told the author that, but that was false." - Bolton

The president canceled the planned 2018 trip to the cemetery for American war dead in France because of the weather and not because of disdain for the slain soldiers, Bolton said, contradicting the report from The Atlantic claiming that Trump described the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery as being "filled with losers."

"The main issue was whether or not weather conditions permitted the president to go out to the cemetery," Bolton, who was in the room at the time, recalled.

Bolton on Griffins accusation he wasnt in the room at the time.  "Well she is just flatly wrong"

Personally I dont care what he thinks about the 4 star generals.  I do care about the service men who fight and die for our flag and freedoms.  You know the same flag left wing punks burn.  If Trump did say that about war veterans who fought died for this country I will be pissed.  Why?

Because unlike some of you I LOVE OUR COUNTRY, our freedom, and our fellow patriots.  I dont wish for our downfall even though some of you do.  I salute our flag not burn it.  I stand for the anthem not kneel.  This is no different than some of you rooting for Trump to be Putins puppet.  The Democrats have tried non stop to remove Trump and hes still there.

Most people see through your despicable delight in the accusation even in something this hideous just because you despise Trump.  This is exactly why you will lose in November. 

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4 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Rather than pile on more training for police officers as a result of recent altercations, perhaps we should instead have mandatory classes on police compliance? Failure to comply with police seems to be at the heart of every one of these unfortunate incidents.

Harris is proud of Blake.

What exactly is she proud of?  His 2 felony rape charges?  Resisting arrest?  Violating a restraining order? Breaking and Entering?  Going for a knife under the driver side seat after being tased?

Maybe its this


She told cops Blake used his finger to sexually assault her, sniffed it & said, “Smells like you’ve been with other men,” the criminal complaint alleges. The officer who took her statement said she “had a very difficult time telling him this.”

Stay Classy Harris #METOO

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lol, can't get much more unAmerican than socialism.

After all the American blood spilled on foreign soil fighting socialism, we have a bunch of brainfarts wanting to try it, even though it has never once worked. MILLIONS have been murdered, millions more starved or diseased, at the hands of socialism.

And bring a brain-dead invalid to usher it in. lol . . even with a real-time example in Venezuela.

Americans can be pretty F'ing stupid some times.

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