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Guess the score or total points of Texas vs. TCU and win a HornSports cap from Last Stand Hats

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OK, we're tired of not giving away one of these cool HornSports lids from Last Stand Hats, so........

This week we are changing things up. 

Guess either the Final Score of the Game OR Total Points that will be scored and you win!

Come on folks, give us your predictions below.

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The big question on defense after the Texas Tech game is the tackling or the lack of tackling. Herman addressed this at his press conference. He said it had to do with the lack of spring camp, an unusual training camp, and that they didn't' do as much hitting since they had to be careful on live reps. He also said that Tech has talented wide receivers and UTEP did not help them get use to the speed of the Red Raiders. 
 He mentioned that Big 12 offenses will complete passes and the key to a good defense is to tackle them as soon as they catch it. The other issue is being able to put pressure on the QB. TCU had seven sacks last week, so this will be an opportunity to see if the defense can sack and hurry Dugan. 
He also said that that Chris Ash is the foremost expert on teaching tackling in college football and he's not worried about Ash as a teacher. It's the translation of the players learning in practice and using it in the game. I believe Ash can and will be a successful defensive coordinator. He's a good teacher and has a much better resume and reputation then the last three defensive coordinators that failed here.
My concern about the offense is still the offensive line. Herman said after the game the running game was up and down. A number of people that I listened to said it's the right side of the line that's a problem. One analyst said Texas Tech came out in the third quarter dropping men out of the box and daring UT to run on them.  We could not until the fourth quarter which may be a reflection of Tech's defense starting to tire. UT did end up with over 200 yards which is good, however Sam's yardage is not a reflection of our blocking those are yards created from our passing game. In the two games so far, all three running backs have averaged around three yards per carry in the first half.
The ending of the game last week was a nice gift. I was all ready for a loss. Hopefully, the team can take advantage of that gift so it will mean something this season.
Texas   34
TCU      28
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