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Guess the score of Texas vs. Texas Tech and win a HornSports cap from Last Stand Hats

Aaron Carrara

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Put your Texas vs. Texas Tech score predictions here. Guess the correct final score and we will send you one of our new hats from Last Stand Hats.

Score must be posted here and not on any social media. We will lock this thread at kickoff.  Good luck!

In case you want to know what they look like:  https://www.laststandhats.com/collections/hornsports




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I looked at UTEP as a preseason game. On offense I feel good about Sam and the passing game.  Sam should be a contender to go to New York this year. It was a pleasant surprise to see the wide receivers we have available after we lost two good ones from last year. I really like the two-grad transfers and Herman said at his press conference that instead of having two great receivers we have 5-7 really good receivers.  We also have three running backs that all three could start at other schools.
My main concern after our first game is the running game. I figured that UTEP was so bad that this would be the game that we could easily run on them with our running backs. It looked good when Roschon took the first carry for 30 yards which was called backed. The rest of the half we did nothing as far as running and Herman said at half that they would have to work on it. 
The third question at Herman's press conference was from Anwar about the lack of running on the right side of the line. Herman said he thought the running backs ran well and then said that the line played okay. He said they didn't put emphasis on running the football. the line was rusty and they need work on small details. That's all fine and good except this is UTEP.
The one coach that Herman kept that I not sure about is Herb Hand. I still remember the Iowa State game from last November when we lost 23-21. Our running game was a no show. Roschon was 6-18. Ingram was 8-9 and Sam was 12-27 which was a grand total of 26 carries for 54 yards. When the off season came, I had a neutral opinion on Hand. He was bringing in good class and the next year was bringing in the Brockmeier brothers. Well, that didn't happen even though UT was closer and had a father and brother that played here. Everything I've heard is that he's having a bad recruiting year. I would think we will need to show this season an offensive line that can both pass and run block this season. Otherwise I don't see how that will encourage OL recruits to come to Texas.
I checked SEC rant when UT hired Hand and the Auburn fans were happy to see him go. It's not fun to read about a coach that UT just hired and the team's fan were pleased that they could someone better. I'd rather see a school become upset when we hire their coach. The Ohio State site was so upset about the hated Herman hiring Yurich that they lied that the other coaches didn't like him and Day was the reason the offense was so good and not Yurcich. 
My hope is starting with Tech the offense can show that they can run on teams and not just pass. Texas Tech showed in their first game that they are lousy against the pass. Tech coach Wells said he liked the way they stopped the run, however when your defense gives up 572 yards passing that doesn't mean much. It looks like it will be another big day for Sam.
I also hoped that when we were hiring a new defensive coordinator it would be someone who had experience against the spread offense. Chris Ash did not have that experience at Ohio State. I checked and he coached against one spread offense at Ohio State. I do like everything Ash has done since being hired and liked the way we tackled last week. This will be his first test against a good spread offense. Everything that I have heard is that Tech may have the best offense we face this year. Bowman is a good QB and he has good personal around him.
I did like what Herman said at his press conference that we are four deep at defensive tackle, cornerback, and safety. The main issue that has been talked about with the defense is the ability to get a pass rush from our defensive line without having to blitz.
My thoughts on the BJ Foster situation is that he has an anger management problem. Most people think that having an anger management problem is getting into physical altercations or being verbally abusive.
I have no idea if BJ has those issues. However, another anger management issue is when you get so angry or frustrated that it overwhelms the wise thing to do and you ending being self-destructive. 
This is the second time BJ has done something self-destructive since June. He got angry when someone dinged his car and didn't leave a note and he fractured his hand by trying to beat up his car.
I'm sure that BJ someday wants to play in the NFL since he was a five star, 24th ranked player in the nation. What he did two weeks ago was very destruction as far as playing in the NFL. If he plays well enough to get the NFL interested then they will be asking about this. I did hear that BJ has been a good teammate who has worked hard and played hurt last year.
I sure most fans feel like he quit on the team. That is something BJ is going to live with. Scottie Pippen quit on the Bulls when he refused to go a playoff game at the end of the game and Toni Kukoc won the game. BJ refused to go into a game that was in no way in doubt. BJ is fortunate to get another chance, however it not as serious as Pippen. It would be like Pippen refusing to go into a Bulls game at the last minute with the Bulls ahead by 20 points.
I did hear on a podcast that a big majority of the team had Covid during the summer, so that would explain why the team has been Covid free so far this season. This would mean that they are protected for two to three months at least.
Texas 54
Tech   28
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