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September Landscapes – Installing Winter Rye!

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5 hours ago, Soldierhorn said:

I dont think I've seen any chinch bugs on my bermuda or buffalo grass. Do chinch bugs mostly feed off of broad leaf grasses such as St Augustine, fescue, rye, etc?

Rye is a cold season grass and Chinch bugs are very much a hot weather insect.

They feed on Bermuda and St Augustine. Not sure about Fescue, I seldom see Fescue.

If you see deteriorating turf in the middle of the hottest spot in your lawn, you should check for Chinch bugs. Their damage will look like a bronze hue in the grass. They will destroy the whole plant, roots and all. They literally suck the plant dry. At the end of their destruction, it will look as though someone took a blow torch to areas of your turf.

They gravitate toward things that heat up in direct sun, such as concrete, stone, metal, etc. You often see their damage next to streets or sidewalks.

You can take a coffee can, knock out the ends. Tap into the dirt about a quarter-inch. Fill with soapy water. If you have Chinch bugs, they will float to the top. You would want to do this in a location where you suspect their presence.

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8 hours ago, Soldierhorn said:

hhhmmm... What is a natural way to get rid of Chinch bugs?  Spray with a dish soap mixture or orange oil and then water it in? I'm just guessing

I don't know if Malathion would kill them but it seems like it would. Malathion will kill aphids and scale, although it may take two applications to do it. Orange oil would prolly provide a pretty good sting to them if not kill them.

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