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2023 Recruiting Board/Thread


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3 hours ago, North Texas Golfer said:

In addition to Goosby, they might have also been checking on a couple other Melissa players. 

Nigel Smith is a stud 2024 DL (around 30 offers so far from all the elite teams in the country) and Owen Hollenback (not sure on spelling), a 2025 OL.  


100% watching Smith.

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4 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

BEFORE Sark showed up at the Melissa - Lovejoy game, he went and met Gideon at the Denton Guyer-Prosper Rock Hill game, supposedly to see 5-star safety Peyton Bowen (Notre Dame) and Ryan Yaits (LSU).

TFB reported this today.

Weird deal with Bowen since he's supposedly shutting out Texas due to what he perceived as a bad trip to campus.

Hopefully his brother is more open-minded.

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18 hours ago, Eastexhorn said:

A few thoughts on recruiting by roster table Offense first defense later.

QB 4 returning 1 commit.If Card bets his diploma odds of a transfer. Numbers is ok even if he transfers.

RB 4 returning 2 commits. JRob. proably goes pro.  Numbers is good if KRob. returns.

TE  4 returning 2 commits.Numbers good even if 1 lost to medical.

WR 9 returning 2 commits. Whitt statusis doubtful, 2 has injuries. If all return numbers are good.

OL 13 returning 5 commits + 1 sr. can return. Possible losses ex. DT.and somehunting playing time

Disclaimer more commits are going tohappen some might flip

You cannot count your chickens tillthey hatch

Off. looks to be in great shape number wise.



De (edge) 6 returning 2 commits  bodie wise ok.

DT 7 returning 1 commit.same as above

LB 4 returning 3 commits position is young good place for 1 portal 

CB 6 returning 1 commit need more bodies with talent.

Saftey 7 returning 2 commits position OK

Texas interchanges their DBS so countmight be off at positions Bottom line need 2 more DBS

 Number wise most positions are ok some over and some under, bodie wise that is.

We will see who coaches recruit and who leaves



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Game Day coming to Austin this week.  Should be a hell of a visit list.  Chance for some big time momentum in recruiting.  Hoping to see some of those aggy commits this weekend.  Hill, Hicks, Thomas, and/or Rodgers would be great.

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1 hour ago, Big Daddy Cane said:

Was never coming here 


Hopefully they can hold on to MM.  Question is, do they try and recruit another HS kid at CB or go into the portal?  Watts will be back and I think Brooks can man the other CB spot.  MM will get spot duty as a Fr.  I'm not sold on the others on the roster.

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