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2023 Recruiting Board/Thread


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6 minutes ago, MBHORNSFAN said:


We have a top 4 class right now. Relax. LMAO 

I know I know, but I just hate being 2nd class.  I know Texas hasn't been relevant for a decade now, but it still stings to lose an elite Texas kid to someone out of state.   To Bill O'Brian makes it even worse.  I would totally understand a defensive player choosing Saban, but not an O player choosing Bob.

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21 minutes ago, texbound said:

This is something I agree with.  Evan Stewart, come on over.

No thanks.  He can go to UH, JUCO, or wherever.  He knew what he was $igning up for when he committed to the an offense where WR's go to die.

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I get the Alabama mystique and the Natties.   But damn, UT with soon to be two Number One QBs and Sark’s offense and you think as a WR you are going to have it better somewhere else?  

These Texas boys going to Alabama better hope they never end up selling insurance or cars in Texas after their football career is over.  

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