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2023 Recruiting Board/Thread


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On Hale, Justin Wells had a quote from him last night along the lines of "I'm excited to transition from Ewers to Mannings in college". That may have been a tell about his upcoming decision but could have just been a slip up, he maybe meant his is excited about that as a possibility. Apparently he was also super happy to see Brennon Marion at the game. this was leaning Bama but does sound like Texas' is the leader at this point. 

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3 hours ago, UTfish said:

2019. How is this really important now?

I'd suggest to you that 98% of the posts on this board are not "really important."

I posted the graphic to give an idea of what is spent on recruiting and who spent the most. I don't think such a graphic has ever been posted here that I have seen.


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4 hours ago, Basis Points said:

Curious what goes into the numbers and is it all categorized the same due to NCAA rules?  I don't see it being just official visits.  Does itI include helicopter visits and private jets for the coaches?


It includes everything spent on recruiting.

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8 minutes ago, dssl said:

I found it very interesting, and an indictment of Herman. TX is #1 in revenue,  but in 2019 they were #13 in recruiting spending,  and were outspent 3 to 1 by Georgia. 

If TX wants to win they need to use all of the natural advantages they have.

Might not have all been on Herman. The budget may be approved somewhere else. 

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9 minutes ago, Eastexhorn said:

Georgia spent more and still lost.



That was 2019, and they won the 2021 national championship,  so I'm not sure I understand what they still lost? 

Obviously recruiting isn't all about money,  but I'm guessing it helps 

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26 minutes ago, Eastexhorn said:

Yeah Georgia lost to Herman who spent less.

No question about it Herman was money in the bowls. That was a great win, Georgia definitely got more of a game then they were ready for.  The singular high point for Herman. 

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