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2023 Recruiting Board/Thread

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4 hours ago, Big Daddy Cane said:

I hope you're right. I want all of them, but if we don't get those 2, but get Hill and Hicks, I'm a happy man!

Those are the only two where I've read they were leaning elsewhere.

I think Hill is in, not a lock, but a heavy lean the burnt orange way.

Hicks, well I know people say he is a long shot, but there is something there if the reports are true that he reached out to the UT coaches after Arch committed.  No way will I doubt the ability of the UT coaches to reel him in.

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5 hours ago, Big Daddy Cane said:

I think we're done with the OL with Kirkland on board


Now, I am intrigued by the Damon Wilson news. A month ago I would've said "pipe dream", but after what just happened with Kirkland, no way will I shrug off news like this.

Maybe Wilson has a long standing relationship with Coach Banks like Kirkland did with Flood. Maybe the Wilson smoke is real and the coaches have cooled a little on Shelby and/or Vasek and that's why they're leaning to USC and Oregon respectively.  Who knows, but there does seem to be something to it.  Would be the surprise pull of the year for me.

Staying with the EDGE position, I'm still watching Akana out of Utah. I think there is still some smoke to that recruitment. Also, I believe Guilete is considered an EDGE.  Get 2 or 3 / 5 (Shelby, Vasek, Akana, Guilete and Wilson) and they're stacked at EDGE. 

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5 hours ago, Big Daddy Cane said:

I think we're done with the OL with Kirkland on board

Thats great, but the player I was speaking of and posted his profile – was an EDGE, not an OL. And he's a 5-star.

Cook doesn't know we're done at OL I guess. After being blown off by Shanahan like he did, I don't want him and we don't need him.


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15 minutes ago, Eastexhorn said:

Done t OL and QB. With Baxter and Hale done at RB and WR.Proably done at TE except long shot at Duce. So offense side is almost wraped up.

Need 2-3 DBS and about the same with LBS. Rest isjust how many the coaches want 30 - 40.

I think 30 is the target number provided the right guys jump on board. I think you summed up offense pretty well. Defense is going to be interesting. With most commits already on board, the staff can concentrate of priority targets.

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                    2022                    2023

QB.               4                          5

RB.                5                          5

TE.                 5                          6

WR.                10                        12

OL                   16                        19


total                 40                      47

DT                      10                     8

DE                      7                        8

LB                       9                       6

CB.                      8                      8

Saf.                      8                      9

Special Team.     3                      3

                            85                    89

DE ( edge) and LB might be intermixed hard to tell till fall practice depth chart. 2023 subject to change with more commitments and portaldefections etc. Also subject to my errors..

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24 minutes ago, Slimer said:

Gullette visiting this week.  Aggy trip is up in the air now.

That report from IT reads like he's ready to commit, so maybe he films something for his commitment while on campus and/or makes an announcement around the recruiting event.

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1 minute ago, Big Daddy Cane said:

Now if only Hill would pass on his visit there..

He's been involved with them so long I doubt he skips the trip.

However, I do think he'd notice and put thought into the fact that Guillette and Mohammad will skip the trip. Nothing like feeling like you're outside of the circle that makes you want to get inside the circle.

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2 hours ago, TFloss32 said:

All of the OL commitments, other than Trevor Goosby, will be in Austin this weekend according to IT.

Goosby has a family vacation.

Goosby probably needs the break. I drop my granddaughter off at Melissa High School at 8:45 every morning for off-season basketball and the football team has already been there for a couple of hours. 

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