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2023 Recruiting Board/Thread


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34 minutes ago, TFloss32 said:


I hope Sanders has some pull here.  Funny that Sanders was a DE/WR in HS, now TE with Texas.  Hill plays LB/RB.  Does he come in as LB or RB?  😀

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3 minutes ago, texbound said:

I love that Arch is going after these guys.  Go get em!!!!!!!

What hasn't really been talked about much yet is how Arch is going to be the guy recruiting the '24s and '25s.

It doesn't stop in '23, especially if Sark can put up a respectable season with Bijan potentially being a legit Heisman contender.

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On 6/23/2022 at 1:29 PM, tejasrulz said:

Simms & VY the other 2?

Simms was a member of class of 1999. I think that’s right, but didn’t look it up. 

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I gotta say the level of insecurity and incompetence across other boards is insane when it comes to Arch.  Reading a little of the Bama sites and of course they're saying the QB they got from LA is the best in the state.  However, those same guys stated, before Arch chose Texas, that they would take Arch over the other guy. 

Another incompetent statement, "Why does everyone think Sark would be good for QB's?  What does he know about the QB position?". Seriously? He only set records at BYU as a QB, but what would he know. They think O'Brian is far and away better than Sark.  I just laughed.

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