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2023 Recruiting Board/Thread


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13 minutes ago, RickyFlair said:

I will say it plainly. Stars are not predictive of O-line success. 

This is the 2021 All Pro 1st team O line

Jason Kelce (Un ranked ILB)

Zach Martin (4* #11 OT)

Joel Bitonio (2* #136 OT)

Tristan Wirfs (4* #33 OT)

Trent Williams (3* #22 OG)

Size, work ethic and coaching is what matters with these guys  





Apparently you like to argue.  I'll try one last time.

Obviously each recruit is different. Different physical and mental makeup,  and some end up having more success then there star ratings would imply. 

My comment relates to probabilities.  A higher percentage of 5* O lineman will make it the NFL then 4*, and a higher percentage of 4* will get drafted then 3*. And it's not even close.

The star ratings are based on various things which don't always match the evaluation process used by coaches,  and some coaches are better at finding and developing under rated players. 

To point out individual cases isn't the point, the point is for each rating you could use probabilities of figure what percentage of them will be drafted.  Clearly some players will over achieve and others will under achieve.

There is definitely a correlation between the number of stars and the odds of being drafted.  And statistically speaking correlation implies it's predictive.

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15 minutes ago, UTfish said:

Agree. And wasn't Tyler Johnson a 5* O/L who didn't even break into the starting alignment when the O/L was terrible?

2013 Class

Darius James 5* #1 OG, Kent Perkins 4* #3 OT Jake Raulerson 4* #2 Center Rami Hammad 4* #14 OG. 


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