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2023 Recruiting Board/Thread


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1 hour ago, TFloss32 said:


Yeah, it appears the talk of the staff deciding to back off of Owens was legitimate as crazy as that seemed.

From everything I read, I got the impression Owens was a little flaky and self important. 

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2 hours ago, oldhorn2 said:

I read where a guy on IT (Hamilton I think) said Manning had been on the phone for 3 days trying to talk top level offensive guys to join him at Texas.......3 days!

Can he talk to some defensive guys instead? I'd really prefer not to give up 57 points to the Kansas' of the world again.

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From IT on RB Cedric Baxter, Jr...

"Arch built a relationship with Baxter independent of where he was going. At the same time, Tashard Choice had been doing the same, but more aggressively. In recent days, Arch dialed up his efforts but in favor of Texas. We knew a month or so ago Texas could get Rueben Owens but preferred Cedric Baxter. We did not mention it for obvious reasons. When Texas slow played Rueben, we started to act more serious about Baxter, however, we were pretty muted about it because he’s from Florida. But the Choice and Arch relationships have been real for a while. On top of all that, there is no better proof of concept for him at Texas than Bijan."

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