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2023 Recruiting Board/Thread


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24 minutes ago, UTfish said:

Lol. From the old Ivory Soap commercials. 99 44/100% pure. Didn't mean a thing, just sounded good. Few may remember that. 

We've been around a long time haven't we ET?

Yes we have never lived in a log cabin but had a logbarn once onthe Clyde Milam place.

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5 hours ago, oldhorn2 said:


If mama aint happy, ain't nobody happy!


Dad be like: " Son, I will support what ever decision you make"

Mom be like: " It is so hard putting your heart and soul into trying to raise a young man the right way...and then he just goes off and does whatever his FATHER says without a thought to his mothers wishes.....sighhhh...but anyway Son, it is your decision..."


I tell you it is game over.

If Momma stops putting out, Papa is gonna fall in line fast

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48 minutes ago, MBHORNSFAN said:

Buckle up the Arch recruitment could be coming to an end soon per Sam at IT. Also Eric dropped an interesting note/hint as well. 

In my opinion if he's going to do it soon, this week at the Manning Passing Academy makes sense as a venue to announce and it would obviously be great news for the Horns. The longer he waits, the more Georgia's chances increase.

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2 hours ago, TFloss32 said:

Something happens when the old Recruitocosm account tweets.


I think regardless of where Arch lands it will be a war to keep him committed. Others won’t throw in the towel. I’m saying this because I’m still traumatized when Ewers decommitted  two years ago.

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