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Commitment Spotlight – Gunnar Helm


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It’s been a tough couple of weeks in recruiting for Texas. The once top-10 class of 2021 has now been pushed outside that group. Texas also lost out on the Brockermeyer twins, five-star tackle Tommy and four-star center James.

Texas gained a commitment from three-star tight end, Landen King from Atascocita back on April 26. Less than a month later on May 22, he decommitted. A few weeks later he decided to take his talents to Auburn. While athlete Juan Davis is expected to translate into a tight end, King’s decommitment left a void at a true tight end. That all changed, as Texas just secured a commitment from three-star tight end Gunnar Helm out of Englewood, Colorado.

Via the 247Sports Composite, Helm is a three-star tight end. He’s ranked as the 26th tight end in the class of 2021 and overall, the sixth-best player in the state of Colorado.

He announced his top-14 via his social media profiles on May 9. That list included Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, and Wisconsin among others. Texas officially made Helm an offer a month later on June 9. Shortly after, he took an unofficial visit to Austin and the crystal balls for the Longhorns started to pour in.

With Helm, Texas lands its 15th hard commit for the class of 2021. Helm is the second consecutive out-of-state commit, following California’s Jamier Johnson. Last year Helm won a state championship in Colorado’s Class 5A whilst catching 25 passes for 370 yards and eight touchdowns.

Player Information

Name: Gunnar Helm

Position: Tight End

High School: Cherry Creek

City, State: Englewood, CO


Height: 6’5

Weight: 225


Three Best Traits:

Route Running – Watching his film, Helm is used to lining up outside matched up against a corner. He can be used as a tight end, H-back, or wide receiver. With his experience as a wide receiver, Helm has developed strong route-running skills. His intermediate and deep routes are elite for a tight end. 2019 was the first year Helm played tight end as he had been a wide receiver his entire playing career before.

Size – Helm, still with his senior year to play, already stands at 6’5 and 220-pounds. That’s extraordinary size for a teenage tight end. For reference, he’s one inch taller and ten pounds heavier than Texas commit Juan Davis, fifteen pounds heavier than Landen King, and an inch taller than Cade Brewer. Even if Helm stopped growing, his size is good enough to translate to Big-12 football.

Run Blocking – That size that Helm possesses translates very well to his ability to block. Line Helm up out wide as a receiver and he can manhandle any cornerback in his way. His blocking really shines when it comes to screen-plays. Line him up as an H-back and give him some room to run beforehand, and whoever he’s coming after is going to be in a world of hurt.

Areas for Improvement:

More Experience – What Helm has been able to do in such a short time as a tight end has been impressive, to say the least. He’s still glowing with potential though. Helm is still new to the tight end position, so a few more years to become better at pass-blocking, five to ten-yard routes, and more could do him well in the long-run.

Blocking from the LOS – Give Helm a head start and he will bulldoze over most with his size and strength. One area for improvement is his ability to block from the line of scrimmage. He’s good at it now, but once he’s lining up against the freak athletes that the Big-12 has he’s going to have to be elite. He definitely has the potential to get there though with more reps.


Gunnar Helm is a huge addition to Texas’s 2021 class. After the decommitment of King, who showed a lot of ability to be an elite pass-catcher, grabbing a commitment out of Helm is huge. Whoever is slinging the ball for Texas the next couple of years, whether it’s Hudson Card, Ja’Quinden Jackson, or Jalen Milroe, they’re going to fall in love with a guy like Helm. An elite pass-catcher for a tight end, with an ability to block and run over defenders, you can’t ask for much more out of a tight end than that.

Final Verdict

Helm becomes the 15th hard commit for the class of 2021. After losing out on the Brockermeyer twins, this helps a little. Helm becomes the third out-of-state commit for this class joining Jamier Johnson (California) and Casey Cain (Louisiana.) Helm also joins a stacked 2021 offense that includes quarterback Jalen Milroe, athletes Ja’ Tavion Sanders, Billy Bowman, and Juan Davis, tackle Hayden Conner, running back Jonathon Brooks, and the aforementioned Cain. The future of Texas football looks bright.

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