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Washington Foreskins have more problems than their name


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They are changing it to Foreskins right? Or am I jumping the gun.


Moral of this story, I'd have been screwed if I had any $$$$$$.

15 women accuse former Redskins employees of sexual harassment and verbal abuse

More than a dozen women allege sexual harassment and verbal abuse by former team employees at Redskins Park

A few months after Emily Applegate started working for the Washington Redskins in 2014, she settled into a daily routine: She would meet a female co-worker in the bathroom during their lunch breaks, she said, to commiserate and cry about the frequent sexual harassment and verbal abuse they endured.

They cried about the former chief operating officers expletive-laced tirades, Applegate said, when she recalled him calling her f-----g stupid and then requesting she wear a tight dress for a meeting with clients, so the men in the room have something to look at. They cried about a wealthy suiteholder who grabbed her friends backside during a game, Applegate said, and the indifference the teams top sales executive displayed when she complained.

But most of all, Applegate said, they cried about the realization their dream job of working in the NFL came with what they characterized as relentless sexual harassment and verbal abuse that was ignored and in some cases, condoned by top team executives.

Applegate is one of 15 former female Redskins employees who told The Washington Post they were sexually harassed during their time at the club. The other 14 women spoke on the condition of anonymity citing a fear of litigation, as some signed nondisclosure agreements with the team that threaten legal retribution if they speak negatively about the club. The team declined a request from The Post to release former female employees from these agreements so they could speak on the record without fear of legal reprisal. This story involved interviews with more than 40 current and former employees and a review of text messages and internal company documents.

Team owner Daniel Snyder declined several requests for an interview. Over the past week, as The Post presented detailed allegations and findings to the club, three team employees accused of improper behavior abruptly departed, including Larry Michael, the clubs longtime radio voice, and Alex Santos, the teams director of pro personnel.

In a statement, the team said it had hired D.C. attorney Beth Wilkinson and her firm, Wilkinson Walsh, to conduct a thorough independent review of this entire matter and help the team set new employee standards for the future.

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