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Dak ranked #5 in 2019 vs Playoff teams

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PFF at it again. Clearly they hate the Dak haters and will say anything to draw them out. Damn facts.


One of the main points detractors of Prescott like to bring up is that the Cowboys performed poorly against playoff teams in 2019. Sure his numbers look good, but Prescott was a “stat padder” during blowout wins against bad teams.

Not only do the raw numbers show this isn’t true, but Pro Football Focus’ player grades dispute this point as well. PFF released their top five highest graded quarterbacks against playoff teams in 2019, with Prescott ranking fifth best in the league.

The only players above him were Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill, and Patrick Mahomes. Outside of Tannehill, who became an advanced stats darling last season, these are some of the most consistently recognized top quarterbacks in the league. The exact kind of company Prescott has placed himself with year after year.

Sorry, do not have a direct link to the PFF article.


Another question came up.. .. if you knew CeeDee would fall to Da Boys, would you have signed Cooper?

I lean yes and Coop's contract is really only a 3 year deal if Coop does not perform. In fact Dallas can bail on all their big contracts in 3-4 years. Which means Dallas controls it's top players in their prime and can re-tool in 3-4 years.

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In the last 3 years the Cowboys are 6-12 against playoff teams during the regular season and 1-1 during the playoffs. Dallas missed the playoffs twice. I don't care what Dak's stats are. Until he can lead the team to a +.500 season against playoff teams and a winning record in the playoffs I will have my doubts. I realize Garrett had something to do with this but what Dak showed me against top flight competition the last 3 years leaves me wondering. 

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I would love to see Jerry Jones' face when Chiefs released information about Patrick Mahomes' new contract. I'm not saying Dak deserves that kind of money, but poker just went up. 😀

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