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Jared Kelley from Refugio and Texas Commit was just selected by the White Sox with pick 47 of the draft. Safe bet he won't make it to the 40 Acres.

Meanwhile, 2-way player Tanner Witt (Bobby's son) still hasn't been taken. The longer this goes without him picked, the better Texas' chances of keeping him as part of the team.

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Bryce Elder goes in the 5th round to the Atlanta Braves.

Also I missed Jared Jones, a UT pitching commit, going number 44 to Pittsburgh. Safe to say he won't make it to campus

Overall, we only lose 2 members of our #1 class. Pitching will take a hit but the lineup should be improved. Excited to see who takes the next step to be at the top of the rotation.


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We lost four members of the class in Kelley, Jones, Tucker, Halpin. Also Elder was taken. 
Overall our incoming class has no gaps or holes, and keeping Witt is a HUGE deal. Keeping more than one of the five would have been a coup. 
Pierce, Allen, Miller, Tulo & Bishop have to get a ton of credit for recruiting the best of the best. Along with that comes a risk of them being taken in the amateur draft. 

The future looks very bright for the Texas baseball. 

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I honestly hate the MLB draft. I have always liked the transfer system they have in soccer and I would honestly love to see it being implemented in baseball too. I hate the fact that teams get to pick the players they want without any big negotiations or major transfer scandals. That's what I live for. That's what gives me goosebumps. This is the kind of news I would like to see on https://www.americanodds.com/mlb/mlb-computer-picks instead of the boring news we have that talk about a team exchanging players between them. My favorite team is in the MLB are the Chicago Cubs and I hate that they lose their good players every season because of these stupid draft picks!

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