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Commitment Spotlight – Casey Cain

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The University of Texas has recently picked up a lot of steam in the world of recruiting. They land yet another weapon for the 2021 class in wide receiver Casey Cain. He’s the first 2021 commit from outside the state of Texas.

Cain is a three-star prospect from Warren Easton High School in New Orleans, LA. He’s the 143rd ranked wide receiver in the 2021 class via the 247Sports Composite and the 26th ranked player in the neighboring state of Louisiana.

Texas fought off offers from Houston, Vanderbilt, and Virginia to land Cain’s services. He joins fellow three-star athlete Juan Davis, three-star tight end Landen King, four-star athlete Billy Bowman Jr. and five-star athlete Ja’Tavion Sanders as potential weapons in the 2021 class for the Longhorns.

Player Information

Name: Casey Cain

Position: Wide Receiver

High School: Warren Easton

City, State: New Orleans, LA


Height: 6’2

Weight: 175


Three Best Traits

Size – At 6’2 and 175 pounds Cain has an ideal frame to expose opposing defensive backs. It would be nice to see him pack on a few extra pounds in the summer, but he makes up for that with his stature. Against the top defensive backs in the state of Louisiana, Cain has shown time and time again that his height and size are a problem for secondaries.

Athleticism – Cain is a three-sport star for Easton specializing in football, track, and field, and basketball. When it comes to the latter he’s one of the leading scorers on a team that made it to the regional round of the playoffs in Class 4A. In track and field as a sophomore, he ran a 24-second 200-meter dash as well as a sub-17-second 110-meter hurdle. He was also timed running a 4.7 40-yard dash in 2019. Cain is a freak of nature athletically and is just now growing into his body.

Jump Ball – Watching the first couple of minutes of Cain’s film is like watching a basketball player fight for a rebound. He moves to the football no matter where it’s thrown. Cain is elite when it comes to running the go pattern, locating the football and coming down with it.

Areas for Improvement

Route Running – The majority of Cain’s route tree consists of screens, slants, and go routes, which, he’s mastered. I’m sure we’ll see a more developed route tree from him as a senior and in the coming years but for now, it’s definitely got some room to grow and is something Cain can work on in the off-season.

Run Protection – Off a play-action or when he gets a head start, Cain can burn defenders. But on a straight through the tackles running play, it would be nice to see him bulk up so he can knock down some of the elite defensive backs in the nation. 


In Cain, Texas is getting a talented wide receiver who still has room to grow. He’s a natural wideout who can go outside and bring down the majority of jump balls thrown his way. Yet, he can also line up in the slot and use his speed to get past linebackers on short crossing patterns. He comes from one of the most successful programs in Louisiana as they’ve reached the Class 4A state finals two years in a row. Now, he brings his talents over to Austin to help return the Longhorns to the promised land.

Final Verdict

Cain is going to be a nice piece moving forward for the Longhorns. He’s going to be a quarterback’s best friend when he’s in trouble and just needs to throw it up. Texas has been on a tear as of late in the world of recruiting and their 2021 class has almost doubled in size in less than a month. Texas remains to have a stranglehold at the top of the Big-12 for the best 2021 class. A commit like Cain just puts them over the top for the time being.

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